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IDF deploys to protect Syrian Druze after Israeli injured in Golan by spillover

After an Israeli resident of the Druze village Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights was treated, IDF is focusing on the developments of Syrian infighting in the Hader region, just across the Israeli border.



Israel Defense Force spokesperson Ronen Manelis said in a statement that the IDF will stand by the side of the Druze population as the fighting in Syria intensifies, after a resident of Majdal Shams was injured by gunfire on Friday from was seems to be spillover from the Syrian war.

Syrian Fighting in Golan Heights – Google Maps

“In recent hours we witness the intensifying of the fighting at the area of the Druze village of Hadher in the Syrian part of the Golan Heights,” he said. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Golan Druze leader laughs at UN claim of ‘hardship of occupation’


“I don’t understand what they’re talking about, it’s laughable,” the mayor of Majdal Shams said. Druze in the Golan “don’t serve in the IDF, and so far are only receiving from the state. Why don’t they condemn the horrors in Syria, where dozens of children are killed daily? (Israel’s) Golan residents have a good life.”



A leader of the Druze population of the Golan Heights disputed the assertion of a United Nations committee that accused Israel of imposing economic and social hardships on his community.

Golan Heights, Druze village square in Majdal Shams – Photo: Avihu Shapira

Dulan abu-Saleh, the mayor of Majdal Shams, the largest Druze town in the Golan, told Makor Rishon that the U.N. Continue Reading »

2 Druze from Golan Heights Indicted for Murder of Wounded Syrian

view videoGag order lifted: The 2 individuals, a 48 yr-old woman & a 22 yr-old man from Majdal Shams were among those who ambushed an IDF ambulance in route to hospital & beat the 2 wounded Syrians, killing one.

By Ido Ben Porat


A 22-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman from Majdal Shams in northern Israel have been indicted for murdering a wounded Syrian and critically injuring another in late June.

A gag order on the developments in the case was lifted Monday.

The two are Amal Abu Salah and Bashira Muhammad, who were documented on video among the dozens of Druze who chased down a military ambulance that passed near Majdal Shams, took out the wounded Syrians and beat them wildly. Continue Reading »

Israel to invest $60 million in 4 Golan Druze towns over 4 years



The Israeli government is planning to increase aid to the Druze communities of the Golan Heights with a huge investment plan spanning four years.

View of Druze village Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights - Photo: Wilson44691/Wikimedia Commons

View of Druze village Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights – Photo: Wilson44691/Wikimedia Commons

According to Haaretz, the government will spend NIS209.4 million ($59.8 million) between 2014 and 2017, with some NIS80 million going to transportation infrastructure, NIS54 million going to education and NIS12 million being invested in tourism development.

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4 IDF soldiers hurt by blast on Israel-Syrian border



Four Israeli soldiers were wounded Tuesday after an explosive device was detonated on their patrol along the Syrian border, near the Druze village of Majdal Shams.

File picture shows Israeli soldiers in a training field in the Golan Heights, next to the Israeli-Syrian border ( Jack Guez (AFP/File) )

Israel responded to the explosion with artillery fire on the Syrian city of Quneitra, where the assailants were believed to have hailed from and air force jets have reportedly been circling over the northern Golan Heights.

The army also instructed local farmers to evacuate the area and all construction works on the Syrian border fence have been temporarily halted.

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Majdal Shams man wounded from Syria gunfire

Israeli Druze from Majdal Shams injured after shots fired from Syria.

By Ari Soffer


A resident of the Druze town of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights was shot in a suspected terrorist attack as he stood near to the border with Syria Saturday.

The 19 year-old man, said he clearly heard a gun fire before being hit in the foot by a bullet, apparently fired from the Syrian side of the border.

The victim was admitted to hospital in light-to-moderate condition.

The IDF and local police have launched an investigation into the incident, saying that at this point they are unaware of any unusual incidents along the northern border. Continue Reading »

IDF retaliates into Syria after gunmen shoot at Israeli soldiers on Golan Heights


IDF statement reads ‘hit confirmed’ on Syria gunmen.

Mortar shell falls on Israeli side hitting Druze village of Majdal Shams, leaving no casualties, in apparent spillover from Syria civil war.

By Reuters &



The Israeli army fired into Syria on Monday after its troops were shot at on the Golan Heights, the military said.

Israeli soldiers sit atop a tank as they watch the border with Syria

Israeli soldiers sit atop a tank as they watch the border with Syria near the Quneitra border crossing between Israel and Syria, on the Golan Heights July 3, 2013.- Photo: Reuters

“Gunfire was opened from Syria toward IDF soldiers in the central Golan Heights. Continue Reading »

Hundreds of Majdal Shams Druze rally support for Assad



Pro-Assad supporters among village’s Druze community insist the Syrian president couldn’t have been responsible for such attacks, and so they’re protesting against any int’l intervention, saying ‘Assad managed to maintain calm on Syria-Israel border for 40 years’

By Maor Buchnik

Several hundreds attended a pro-Assad in the Druze village of Majdal Shams Monday, carrying banners in favor of the Syrian president and condemning the prospect of a US attack on Syria.

Majdal Shams demonstration – Photo: Aviyahu Shapira

Zahad, local resident and a café owner, noted that protesters were interested in keeping Assad in the government and noted that he was also “against foreign intervention in the country, and not just because of Majdal Shams – it would be dangerous for Israel as well.” Continue Reading »

Golan Druze divided over Syrian strife

The Druze residents of Majdal Shams differ in opinion over Assad’s regime, with some angrily calling alleged Israeli air-strike ‘terrorism,’ while others are calling for Syrian president’s elimination.

By Hassan Shaalan



Most residents of northern Druze village of Majdal Shams believe that a war will break out soon. The explosion shockwaves are very well felt in the border-adjacent Druze village, in which most residents profess they are part of the Syrian people.

מג'דל שמס. על הגבול (צילום: Google Maps)

Majdal Shams – Photo: Google Maps

The latest alleged Israeli attack in Syria caused much controversy in the village. Some residents support the Assad regime, and see the attack as “a terrorist act”. Continue Reading »