British activists begin ‘war crimes’ lawsuit with 5 Israelis involved with Gaza flotilla

Lawyers for British pro-Palestinian activists informed London police of information claiming it proves five Israeli military commanders committed war crimes during the 2010 Gaza flotilla.


  1. Joy Wolfe says:

    Difficult to see how the Israelis who were beaten half to death as they came aboard could have committed war crimes!!!!

  2. Place the names of the five lawyers onto the web as well as the name of any company that employs them. If it is possible, sue them for malicious prosecution. The bottom line in international maritime law is that Turkey owns its own borders and as a national entity has the absolute right as well as obligation to safeguard its borders. Therefore, by not obstructing the flotilla in 2010 Turkey was complicit in an act of war against the State of Israel.

  3. This entire incident was forced into the UN for clarification. After it’s investigation, the UN’s selected committee determined that Israel was not in violation of any maritime law, and had acted in line with accepted international laws including the blockage of Gaza AND the enforcement of said blockade.

    They did site Israel in its excessive violent response, that left a few of the passengers dead.

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