400 Police officers raid criminals’ homes in Negev

6 guns, 2 rifles, 5 stolen vehicles, $82,000 in cash, 420 gas balloons & IDF bullet-proof vests seized in one of Southern Police District’s biggest-ever raids.

Ilana Curiel


At the crack of dawn on Wednesday, over 400 police officers raided the homes of suspected weapons and stolen property-holders in the Negev. This was one of the biggest campaigns known to the Southern Police District.

Chief Yoram Halevi (L) – Photo Southern District Spokesman

Chief Yoram Halevi (L) – Photo: Southern District Spokesman

The raid occurred in a number of Bedouin towns and in the surrounding area. Throughout the campaign, five stolen vehicles, NIS 300,000 ($82,000) in cash, six guns, two rifles, 420 purportedly stolen gas balloons and IDF bullet-proof vests were discovered.

Moreover, 17 suspects were arrested, 38 people considered as “wanted for inquiry” for various offenses were located, 26 illegal aliens were arrested and 118 traffic tickets were given.

Confiscated ammunition – Photo Southern District Spokesman

Confiscated ammunition – Photo: Southern District Spokesman

Southern Police District Chief Commander Yoram Halevi decided to carry out a number of large-scale campaigns in the south in order to contend with the crimes affecting the lives of the residents in these areas.

Halevi said that “police officers will be visible in all alleyways and dark corners.”

A Ynet team accompanied one of the units during the campaign led by Chief Inspector Avi Vaknin who said, “the crime in this area has a direct effect on almost all parts of the country.

The raid – Photo Southern District Spokesman

The raid – Photo: Southern District Spokesman

We receive phone calls from all of the country’s units regarding bands of offenders from our district, wanted for inquiry, who carried out crimes from breaking and entering to drug-related crimes, and who have fleeing to here…”

Dog trainer Shai Malul’s dog, Chico, also joined in on the raid. The eight-year-old canine has led to the discovery of dozens of kilograms of hashish, heroine and weaponry.


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