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Israel’s ’emissions free & pollution free’ solar power plant goes into service

Emissions free and pollution free, operating without generating any harmful substances at all, Israel allows activation of a new massive solar power plant located in the Negev Desert near the city of Be’er Sheva.

By Ynet


Israel has taken another step in moving from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly renewable energy, approving its biggest plant of unique solar panels to date. The plant, which is for commercial use, operates without generating pollution or any greenhouse gas emissions.

The Electricity Authority (TEA) and Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz have recently approved the commercial activation of the Ashalim photovoltaic power station – located in the Negev Desert, south of the city of Be’er Sheva – for a period of twenty years. Continue Reading »

Israel Completes World‘s Largest Solar & Thermal Electric Facility

The state-of-the-art thermal electric power plant in Israel’s Negev Desert is equipped with more than 50,000 computer-controlled heliostats that produce enough power for 150,000 homes, keeping 110,000 tons of CO2 emissions out of the air per year.

By David Lazarus


The Ashalim solar and thermal electric power plant in Israel’s Negev Desert is up and running. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with more than 50,000 computer-controlled heliostats or mirrors, which can track the sun in two dimensions and reflect the sunlight onto a boiler placed on top of a tower measuring 240 m-high (787.4 ft). That’s higher than some of the tallest sky scrapers in the world and by far the tallest solar tower ever built. Continue Reading »

Arab MK blasts Israeli Minister for saying Negev is being taken over by Bedouin


As gov’t bulldozers level the illegal, unlicensed structures in the village of al-Arakib near Beersheba, for the 112th time, on grounds that they were unlawfully erected on state land, Arab MK says Construction Minister Yoav Gallant wants to imprison the desert populace in ghettos.



Construction Minister Yoav Gallant on Tuesday sharply criticized an alleged Beduin “takeover” of swaths of the Negev and called for increased settlement of Jews in its eastern part to stem perceived Beduin encroachment there.

The remarks, which raised the specter of intensified home demolitions against the Beduin, were condemned as racist and a false depiction of the situation in the Negev by Balad MK Goumha Azbarga. Continue Reading »

Police Officer murdered in Negev car-ramming attack, terrorist shot dead


Police officer killed, another wounded in vehicular terror attack in Negev Bedouin settlement, attacker neutralized by security forces.
– Arab MK hit in head by rock, presumably thrown by protesters.
– Watch video of confrontation with police.

By David Rosenberg


A police officer was killed and another injured early Wednesday morning, when an Arab terrorist attacked security forces securing the demolition of illegal structures in the Bedouin settlement of Umm Al-Hiran in southern Israel.

Police units were deployed to the Negev settlement before dawn on Wednesday to protect the demolition team from demonstrators who had gathered at the site of the planned eviction. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Negev home to world’s tallest solar tower

While the Jewish State has abundant sunshine, Israeli bureaucracy has hampered solar energy progress, so the world’s tallest solar tower project in the Negev that’s set to supply Israel with 5% of its electricity needs, is just a ‘drop in the bucket’ of its potential.

By The Associated Press


In sunny Israel, solar energy supplies only a small percentage of the nation’s power needs, leaving it far behind countries with cloudier and colder climates.

Now the fledgling solar industry is trying to make a leap forward with a large-scale project boasting the world’s tallest solar tower, as a symbol of Israel’s renewable energy ambitions. Continue Reading »

Video Report: Israel’s Negev to be Lockheed Martin’s new F-35 training center


Israel and the American defense community advanced their military cooperation with another leap forward, when Lockheed-Martin announced it will build a new F-35 training center in Israel’s Negev desert.



View original Arutz Sheve publication at:





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Netanyahu acknowledges Israel is active in Syria


Prime Minister Netanyahu said the IDF is working to keep Iran from opening yet another front against Israel, in the Golan Heights.
• Opposition leader Herzog accuses Natanyahu of diverting funds meant for the Negev & Galilee to West Bank settlements.

By Attila Somfalvi


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted on Tuesday that Israel operates in Syria. “We’re operating in Syria from time to time in order to stop the country from becoming a front against Israel,” he said at the Galilee Conference in Acre.

Netanyahu at the Galilee Conference – Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

“We’re operating against another terror front that Iran is trying to build in the Golan, and in order to thwart the transfer of particularly deadly weapons from Syria to Lebanon. Continue Reading »

SodaStream CEO accuses BDS boycotters of anti-Semitism


SodaStream chief says BDS only had a ‘negligible’ impact on the beverage maker, noting the closure of the West Bank factory & expansion to the new Negev facility led to hundreds of Palestinians losing their jobs.

By Associated Press 


The chief executive of SodaStream, the beverage maker that is shuttering its West Bank factory in the face of international boycott calls, accused his company’s critics Wednesday of anti-Semitism and hurting the interests of the Palestinian workers they claim to protect.

The SodaStream plant in Mishor Adumim. – Photo: Bloomberg

SodaStream, which produces machines that allow people to make fizzy drinks, has been targeted by an international campaign calling for boycotting, divesting and sanctioning Israeli companies. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s Ancient Nabatean Village of Shivta

Aerial video shows a well-preserved Nabatean farming village, well off the beaten tourist track in the Negev, again shows the richness of Israel’s archeological history.

By Israel Today Staff


The following video offers stunning aerial footage of the ruins of Shivta, a Nabatean farming village situated along the portion of the ancient Spice Route that passes through Israel’s southern Negev region.

The outlines of the village, its houses, markets and large Byzantine-era church remain well preserved, and some of the community’s terrace farms have been recreated to give a more accurate look at desert life in that time.

Shivta lies far off the typical Holy Land pilgrimage route, and is just one more example of how saturated Israel is with tangible ancient history. Continue Reading »

85 Million Year-Old ‘Dinosaur’s Cousin’ Found in Israel’s Negev

85 million year old fossilized skeletal remains of ancient reptile known as Elasmosaurus unearthed in Israel’s Arava desert.

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir


Fossilized skeletal remains of an ancient reptile dating back to 85 million years ago were discovered recently in the Arava desert in southern Israel.

Elasmosaurus. – Photo: Shutterstock

Researchers from the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center found tooth and jaw fragments, broken limbs, fins and vertebrae of the Elasmosaurus (Elasmosaurid) reptile.

The Elasmosaurus was not “a dinosaur but a ‘cousin’ that lives in shallow waters of up to 200 meters,” explained one of the researchers, Dr. Continue Reading »

Israel Inaugurates Country’s Largest Solar Plant

Israel to inaugurate today country’s largest solar energy project in the Negev, which received ‘go-ahead’ for site’s renewable electricity production.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Energix Renewable Energies, the Alony Hetz Property and Investments Ltd. group controlled by Nathan Hetz and the Wertheim family, announced Tuesday that Israel’s biggest solar energy project, at Neot Hovav in the Negev, has received a permanent license for producing electricity, the Globes business newspaper reported.

Solar panels (illustration)

Solar panels (illustration) – Thinkstock

According to the company’s estimates, power production will yield annual revenue of 42-45 million shekels for twenty years.

An event will be held on Wednesday at Neot Hovav to mark the inauguration of the solar power plant, which has an output of 37.5 megawatt.

Continue Reading »

Ben-Gurion’s vision materializes as Israel plans 22 new Negev communities


The “Negev Progress Plan”, expected to increase Israel’s desert population by half a million people in the upcoming 20 years, will be a nod to David Ben-Gurion’s vision for prosperity & settlement in the Negev, as it will also help ease overcrowding in Israel’s center.

By Hezi Sternlicht


The cabinet is set to vote Sunday on a plan for increased development in the Negev Desert, including the establishment of 22 new communities. The new plan, nicknamed the “Negev Progress Plan,” references the Jewish Agency’s historic 11 Points in the Negev plan, which established 11 settlements in 1946.

Beersheba, in Israel’s Negev desert – Photo: Lior Mizrahi

The new plan will establish settlements from Sderot to Yeruham, near the original 11.

Continue Reading »

Continued Terror From Gaza Could Mean Higher Grocery Bills

Farmers in the Negev warn that continuing danger along Gaza barrier is damaging the local economy.

By Maayana Miskin


Terrorism from Gaza could mean higher grocery prices for Israelis, farmers from the Gaza belt area warned Thursday morning, speaking to Maariv/nrg.

Illustration: Iron Dome anti-missile system – IDF Spokesman

Farmers near Gaza were told Tuesday to stay out of fields near the Gaza security barrier. The warning followed a fatal terrorist shooting in the area.


Terrorists have targeted agricultural workers in fields near Gaza in the past.

Farmers argued that the fields in question – those located within one kilometer of Gaza – are used for some of their most valuable crops. Continue Reading »

14 camels killed in freak train accident in Negev


In an unfortunate freak accident in the Negev, a train hits group of camels. Police currently working to find the owners.

Israel Railways reports, ‘Animals wandering onto tracks do get hit by passing trains from time to time,’ 

Mati Siver

A train ran over a group of camels, leading to massive delays for passengers and an untimely death for the desert animals.


An Israel Railways train traveling from Dimona to Beersheba Tuesday night hit and killed 14 camels that were on the tracks, near the Segev Shalom Junction. After the incident the train continued on its way and completed the journey without additional incident. Continue Reading »

Insightful exposé‎: Did Israel lose the Negev?

Among the Bedouin communities, Israeli laws prohibiting polygamy are ignored like background noise, and no one has ever considered requesting a building permit.The Bedouin have all but taken over the Negev and turned it into a foreign township.

By Emily Amrousi


From 2,000 feet over land, one can take quite a despairing view of the Negev. Perhaps the time has come to just relinquish the entire thing. Give them the Beersheba-Arad-Yeruham triangle and spare us the headache, the blood, and the tears.

In every direction in which one looks, the Negev is “flourishing.” David Ben-Gurion would certainly have been proud to see it. Continue Reading »