57.2 % of Israeli Arabs: Jewish claims to Israel are equal/stronger than Palestinian


POLL: Firm majority of Israeli Arabs say Jewish claims to Israel are at least as strong as Palestinian claims.

By Israel Today Staff


A growing number, in fact now a majority, of Israeli Arabs recognize Jewish rights and claims to this land, according to the latest installment of the monthly Peace Index survey conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute.

Jewish & Muslim families in Israel

The poll’s third question asked respondents whether they “agree or disagree with the claim that the Jews’ historical, religious, and cultural bond to the land and the Palestinians’ historical, religious, and cultural bond to the land are equally strong.”

Unsurprisingly, 92.8 percent of Jewish respondents either agreed or insisted that Jewish claims to the land are stronger than those of the Palestinians.

What did come as a shock to many was the fact that 41.3 percent of Israeli Arabs agreed with the statement, while a further 15.9 percent agreed with most Jews that the Jewish claims to the land were stronger than those of the Palestinians.

Again, 57.2 percent of Israeli Arabs said that Jewish claims to this land are equal to or stronger than Palestinian claims.

This revelation comes at a time when several different local Arab movements and public figures, both Christian and Muslim, are encouraging greater integration with the Jewish majority.


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