After U.S. & Arabs confirm Israel hit Syria, Iran threatens retaliation

Iranian threat: The Israeli air strike will “have serious consequences for Tel Aviv.”

By Israel Today Staff


Syria, Hezbollah and several Western officials on Wednesday confirmed that Israel had bombed a military target in Syria hours earlier, though Jerusalem itself is remaining very tight-lipped about the strike.

Iran threatens retaliationUS officials told the New York Times that Israel has notified Washington ahead of time that it was preparing to bomb a convoy transporting sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles from Syria to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah also posted messages to its Al-Manar website acknowledging that Israel had hit a military site connected to the terror group.

Syria also confirmed the bombing, but claimed that Israel had destroyed a military research facility, rather than a convoy. Embattled dictator Bashar Assad tried to find a silver lining by claiming that the strike proved Syrian rebel forces were cooperating with “the Zionists.”

Last week, Iran threatened that any attack on Syria would be seen as an attack on the Islamic Republic.

On Thursday, an Iranian deputy foreign minister told Iran’s PressTV that the Israeli air strike would “have serious consequences for Tel Aviv.”


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