Anti-Israel MK Zoabi considers running for Mayor of Nazareth

Knesset Member and ardent anti-Zionist Hanin Zoabi reported on Tuesday that she’s ‘seriously considering’ running for mayor of Nazareth.

Fellow Balad party members are divided on this issue.

By Hassan Shaalan

Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi (Balad) announced Tuesday morning that she was “seriously considering” running to in the Nazareth mayoral race.

Zoabi told Ynet that though her decision was not final, she expressed interest in running for mayor and will announce her final decision soon.

A senior Balad official told Ynet: “The issue of Hanin Zoabi running for Nazareth mayor came up a while ago. We are still deliberating – today we’re holding another meeting in an attempt to reach decisions. Balad is divided on the issue of Zoabi running – some are for it and others are against being a part of the (mayoral) election.”

The current mayor of Nazareth, Ramiz Jaraisy, announced several weeks ago that he would not run again. Sources affiliated with Jaraisy argued that if he ran again it would be as a result of political pressure from Hadash.

Nazareth Deputy Mayor Ali Salam is the only person to thus far announce his running for mayor in the coming election.


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