Antisemite Roger Waters enraged at Israel after falling for April Fool’s Day prank

Fans of antisemite Roger Waters urged the British rock legend to cool down, and take a joke after he launched into an angry, vulgar rant on social media when the Israeli government succeeded in pulling off an April Fool’s joke on him.

By Israel Today Staff


From Germany to the UK to France to America, it is now common to hear top world leaders equate hatred for Israel with antisemitism. And, if that’s the case, then there are few bigger antisemites in the world than former-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters.

For years, Waters has strongly advocated a total boycott of the Jewish state, and has urged and even demanded that other artists follow his lead in championing the “Palestinian cause.”

Yesterday, to mark April Fool’s Day, the State of Israel decided to get a little payback by playing a prank on Waters.

The Twitter account of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs (@4ILorg) featured what appeared to be a concert promotion advertising that Waters had added Tel Aviv to his “Us + Them” tour.

“Pink Floyd legend @rogerwaters is coming to Tel Aviv! Mark your calendars!” the post read.

While most people recognized the post as a joke, some didn’t, and began messaging Waters. Those who support his boycott of Israel wondered what in the world he was thinking, while others begged him to also play in Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories.

Waters, who was tagged in the post by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, was not amused.

In profanity-laced Twitter and Facebook posts, Waters took the opportunity to again trot out tired allegations of war crimes against Israel. “YOU DISGUST ME, AND YOU DISGUST THE WHOLE OF THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD,” he concluded the Facebook post.

Yes, he used all caps, and, no, it didn’t succeed in getting people to take him seriously.

Many of the responses to Waters’ response suggested that he calm down and learn to take a joke. Some noted that if he was so emotionally invested in ending the Middle East conflict, he should indeed play a concert in Israel, where he could directly appeal to the local population to adopt his idea of peace.

Of cousrse, as has been demonstrated time and again, anti-Israel activists like Roger Waters aren’t really looking for a bilateral peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. They’re looking for Israel to disappear.


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