Arabs Attacked Jewish Holy Site Over 200 Times in 2013

Rachel’s Tomb, a favorite site for Palestinian Arab mobs seeking incitement, regularly hurls fire-bombs and throws rocks at the Jewish worshipers.

By Israel Today Staff


Think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is winding down? Think again. In 2013 alone, one of Judaism’s holiest sites, the traditional tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel, was attacked no fewer than 200 times by Palestinian mobs.


Rachel’s Tomb front gate – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Rachel’s Tomb, located just inside Bethlehem, is a highly frequented place of prayer for religious Jews. While the holy site is situated in Palestinian-controlled territory, the “Oslo Accords” afford Israel security control over Rachel’s Tomb in order to ensure the right of Jews to worship there.

Even so, the situation is not good. At a meeting of the Knesset’s Interior Committee last week, MK David Azulai (Shas) noted that Rachel’s Tomb had suffered 200 attacks last year, with 119 explosive devices being hurled at Jewish worshipers and the police and soldiers tasked with protecting them.

The residents of Bethlehem very often and very loudly complain about the massive security wall Israel built around Rachel’s Tomb several years ago. But, as the relentless attacks on Jewish worshipers have again demonstrated, such drastic security measures have become an unfortunate necessity.


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  1. I don’t know where this came from but it is patent nonsense. I frequently visit Rachel’s Tomb and have been going there for years. According to this article attacks with explosive devises should have occurred more than 50% of the days in 2013. Gosh, could it be that I have miraculously missed every single attack to the Tomb? The business of 119 explosive charges “hurled” at the Tomb that the Border Police so valiantly defended worshipers, well I must have missed all those, too. And whatever damage that must have happened to the Tomb from the explosives was cleaned up and immediately repaired without leaving the slightest trace that the Tomb had been damaged. Amazing! I have a friend who studies there practically every day for the last several years and he was also unaware of so many attacks in 2013. After I read this the next time I went to the Tomb I asked a group of Border Policemen about this figure and they scoffed at it. Oh, they said that children occasionally play-attack the perimeter walls around the Tomb. Yes, they hurl rocks at it but 9-14 year olds are hardly empowered to do any damage or threaten those who patronize the Tomb with 30-foot high walls that protect it. Maybe the statistics are based on those attacks by children. There was one notable attack that happened in 2013 but none others, if they happened at all, were worthy of note as they threatened no one.

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