Arab’s Barbaric Abduction of Teens Explodes on Social Media



Arabs & Muslims worldwide celebrate the kidnapping of Jewish teens, while Israel & its supporters demand ‘Bring Back Our Boys’

By Israel Today Staff


While Israeli soldiers scour Judea and Samaria in search of three abducted Jewish teens, average Israelis and Palestinians have taken to social media with their contrasting views on the situation.

Israel Abduction Case Explodes on Social Media

Arab displays the ‘3 Shalits’ in an anti-Semitic cartoon

The Palestinian side has exploded in a celebratory campaign distinguished by a three-finger salute. Local Arabs of all ages have been posting photos of themselves and their children holding three fingers aloft to commemorate the kidnapping of three defenseless Jewish youths.

Those participating in this campaign are calling the abducted Israelis the “three Shalits,” in reference to Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted in 2006 to Gaza where he was held captive until Israel finally agreed to trade 1,027 jailed terrorists for him in 2011.

Palestinians and their supporters abroad hope to blackmail Israel into freeing even more terrorists in exchange for the currently missing youths.

Israelis distraught by the abduction have also taken to social media, primarily Facebook, in a campaign dubbed “Bring Back Our Boys.” Israelis, Jews living abroad and supporters of Israel worldwide have been uploading photos of themselves holding signs with the slogan.

Even fans at the World Cup in Brazil have seen in photos supporting the campaign.

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