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Mossad abducted Iranian general to find missing Israeli, Ron Arad

REPORT: A London-based Arabic newspaper claims a Mossad team abducted an Iranian general during an operation in Syria last month to find new information on missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad.



The Mossad abducted an Iranian general in Syria during its operation last month to find new information on missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad, according to a report in a London-based Arabic newspaper Rai al-Youm.

The general was taken to an African country, interrogated and then released, according to the report.

It is likely that the Iranians followed the operation after it occurred, and discovered where and how it was managed, the report said. Continue Reading »

UNCOVERED: Israel arrests 10 Palestinians in Iranian terror plot

Released for publication: Israel’s Shin Bet security agency says it foiled the plans of an Iranian and Hezbollah run Palestinian terror cell, working under the guise of a PA humanitarian aid agency, to kidnap an IDF soldier in order to force the release of jailed Palestinian terrorists.

By Yoav Zitun


Israel has uncovered an Iranian-backed terror cell operating under the guise of a humanitarian aid agency in the Palestinian Authority-run West Bank, officials from the Shin Bet security service said Tuesday.

The discovery of the cell by the Shin Bet and IDF prevented terror attacks planned for the West Bank, the officials said. Continue Reading »

Hamas leader Meshaal: Return of IDF bodies for return of jailed Barghouti


Hamas top gangster says he’ll return the kidnapped bodies of soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin in return of Fatah mass-murdering arch-terrorist Barghouti and PFLP’s assassin Saadat.

By Arutz Sheva staff


Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas’s politburo, said Wednesday in a statement to the press that his organization will demand the release of Fatah arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti and PFLP head Ahmed Saadat in exchange for the bodies of IDF soldiers First Sergeant Oron Shaul and Lt. Hadar Goldin.

Hagar Goldin, Oron Shaul l”z

Shaul and Goldin’s names came up recently after Israel decided to hand over bodies of dead terrorists to the Palestinian Authority, despite initially saying it would not. Continue Reading »

Karma: Hamas Henchmen Snatched in Sinai

Photo: EPA





Hamas in a frenzy after 4 armed members abducted in Egypt’s Sinai by unknown gunmen, heightening tension between the Strip’s leadership and its powerful neighbor.

By Reuters


Four members of Hamas’ armed wing were abducted in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday after the bus they were on was stopped by unidentified gunmen, sources close to the Palestinian group and Egyptian security officials said.

The Egypt Gaza border, not far from the abduction site – Photo: AP

Egypt accuses Hamas of supporting militant groups seeking to topple the Cairo government, an allegation the movement denies.

Hamas warned in a statement that the abductions could strain ties with Egypt, which faces a serious security challenge from Islamist militants. 

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Hamas’ Business in Ransoming Kidnapped Israelis Escalates With More Demands

Senior Hamas henchman Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterates his demands saying the negotiations are ‘closed’ until Israeli releases dozens of imprisoned terrorists.

By Dalit Halevi


Hamas is continuing to demand massive concessions from Israel as a precondition for even starting talks over two Israeli citizens held captive in Gaza.

In an interview Thursday with Turkish media, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterated conditions set by the terrorist groupThursday for opening talks over 26-year-old Avraham Mengistu and another as-yet unnamed Israeli civilian it is holding hostage, as well as the remains of two soldiers still held by Hamas since last year’s Operation Protective Edge.
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Hamas calls on Arabs to kidnap Israelis for ransom in releasing imprisoned terrorists

Senior Hamas official boasts how ‘our children all envision kidnapping Jewish soldiers & settlers’ to be ransom for the future release of Palestinian prisoners.



A senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip called on Thursday for the abduction of Israelis, who would be swapped for Palestinians held by the Jewish State.

Hamas militant training in terror tunnel

“We tell the Zionist enemy: you are all a target for us and the resistance, we will fight you until we finally get rid of you and take as many captives as possible to free our heroes,” said Khalil al-Haya, whose Islamist movement de facto rules the Palestinian enclave. Continue Reading »

Young Israeli Man Missing in West Bank in Suspected Kidnapping

IDF & Police forces searching for young Israeli man in Hebron region after his friend called police claiming missing man went into Arab village searching for tools to change flat tire after being stranded.

By Itay Blumenthal, Yoav Zitun


IDF and police forces are searching the Hebron area in the West Bank between Kiryat Arba and Bayt Einun late Thursday afternoon for a missing Israeli man who is feared kidnapped.

Soldiers searching the area for the missing Israeli (Photo: Tazpit)

Soldiers searching the area for the missing Israeli – Photo: Tazpit

A friend of the missing person called the police at 4:17 pm, saying he and his friend were stranded with a flat tire and that his friend went to find work tools to replace the tire but never returned. Continue Reading »

Israeli-Canadian soldier said kidnapping by IS was BS & she’s ‘safe & secure’

Day after reports circulated that Gill Rosenberg, who is fighting IS alongside Kurds in Syria, was abducted by terror organization, she posts on Facebook to discredit ‘bullshit stories.’

By Roi Kais


Gill Rosenberg, the Israeli-Canadian, who joined Kurdish forces in their battle against the radical Islamic State terror group and was said to have been taken captive by the group, posted on her Facebook page Monday night to say that she was “safe and secure.”

Status report from Gill Rosenberg’s Facebook account – Screenshot

“I don’t have Internet access or any communication devices with me for my safety and security,” she wrote. Continue Reading »

Report: ISIS kidnaps former IDF female soldier who went to fight with the Kurds

Earlier this month, Gill Rosenberg, 31, said she decided to join the Kurdish fighters for humanitarian & ideological reasons, saying, “because they are our brothers.”



The Canadian- Israeli woman who joined the ranks of Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State earlier this month has been kidnapped by the organization that she went to fight, Channel Two reported on Sunday citing Syrian jihadi websites.

Gila Rosenberg

Gila Rosenberg(R) – Photo: FACEBOOK

Gill Rosenberg, 31, from Tel Aviv, said in an interview with Israel Radio earlier this month she had decided to join the fighters for humanitarian and ideological reasons and “because they are our brothers” who are fighting the evil of Islamic State. Continue Reading »

Murderers of the Three Jewish Teens Shot Dead

Amer Abu Eisha & Marwan Kawasmeh of Hevron were located by Israel Security forces and ultimately killed in an exchange of gunfire.

By Arutz Sheva


Marwan Kawasmeh and Amer Abu Eisha of Hevron, who abducted and murdered three yeshiva boys Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar, Naftali Frenkel in June, were located and killed in exchange of gunfire early Tuesday morning.

The operation was carried out by the Yamam, a special unit of the Border Police, and the IDF, in Hevron. An attempt was made to arrest the suspects but an exchange of fire developed in which they were killed.

The operation was made possible by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), which located the murderers’ hideout.  Continue Reading »

Allowed for Publication: New Details Released in Teens’ Murder

As mastermind of kidnapping & murder of Israel’s three Jewish teens is indicted, security forces release additional details of the attack not previously made public.

By Kobi Finkler


An indictment was submitted today (Thursday) against the mastermind of the kidnap and murder of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel, as more details emerge about the circumstances of their abduction.

With the completion of the interrogation of the suspects, several new pieces of information have been released for publication.

One month after the abduction, on July 11, a joint arrest operation between the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the police nabbed Hussam Hassan Kawasmeh, who owned the plot of land in which the murdered teens’ bodies were discovered, after they were murdered and hastily buried there by their kidnappers: Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu-Eishah – who are both still on the run. Continue Reading »

Hamas leader: We Killed the 3 Jewish Teens, so What?

Hamas puts propagandists’ conspiracy theories to rest, now openly admitting it ‘legitimately’ kidnapped and murdered the 3 Jewish teenagers.

By Ryan Jones


Anytime Palestinian terrorists carry out particularly grizzly or large-scale attacks against Israelis, protagonists of the Palestinian cause do their best to either justify such actions or explain away the incidents entirely.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal speaking from the comfort of his “hideout” in Doha, Qatar

These propagandists do this because deep down they know that these attacks, in particular, are beyond the pale of all human decency and the moral values of those whose support they hope to garner.

Continue Reading »

Cleared for publication: Leader Behind Kidnapping & Murder of 3 Israeli Teens Arrested

IDF forces and Shabak arrest Hussam al-Kawasmeh in Shuafat, a Jerusalem Arab neighborhood.

By Ari Soffer


Israeli security forces have arrested the leader of the Hamas terror cell which kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Sha’ar.

Israel Mourns - Photos of Murdered Teens: Courtesy of the Families

Photos of Murdered Teens: Courtesy of the Families

Hussam Kawasmeh, a resident of Hevron, was arrested in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat in Jerusalem in a joint operation involving IDF forces and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency), and has admitted under interrogation to having orchestrated the kidnapping and said he received funding from Hamas officials in Gaza. It is not clear precisely when he was detained, but news of the arrest was only released for publication on Tuesday evening. Continue Reading »

Ceasefire over: IDF reports that Hamas used humanitarian ceasefire to kidnap soldier

2 IDF soldiers killed in incident in which 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was kidnapped
  •IDF: Suicide bomber attacked IDF forces working to clear tunnels
  •Hamas: Attack took place before ceasefire – event still ongoing.

By Yoav Zitun


An IDF soldier was kidnapped by Gaza terrorists, the IDF said Friday, with a senior official blaming Hamas for using the ceasefire to take the soldier hostage. Two other soldiers were killed in the incident.

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin – Photo: Ido Erez

It was cleared for publication that Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin (23) from Kfar Saba was missing and feared to have been abducted Friday morning during clashes in the Gaza Strip near Rafah. Continue Reading »

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades claims to have kidnapped Israeli soldier; IDF investigates


Announcement from Hamas’ military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades says that they captured and hold an IDF soldier captive, but provides no conclusive evidence.

By Elior Levy and Roi Kais


Hamas’ military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, claimed Sunday evening that the organization had successfully kidnapped an Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip. The militants did not present any evidence in their announcement and the IDF said that officials are investigating the issue.

Hamas press conference in Gaza – Photo: Reuters

In an announcement aired on Hamas’ television station Al-Aqsa, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson said, “What the enemy isn’t aware of is that it’s lost one of its soldiers in action today. Continue Reading »