Armed Palestinian terrorist caught 8 kilometers inside Israel

Knife-wielding Palestinian who infiltrated into Israel from Gaza was caught by alert security officer.

By Orli Harari, Gil Ronen


The Security Officer for the Sdot Negev Regional Council, Rafi Babiyan, told IDF Radio Sunday about the arrest of the terrorist who infiltrated from Gaza to one of the region’s communities.

Palestinian caught on Gaza border - Photo: Radi Babian

Palestinian caught on Gaza border – Photo: Radi Babian

“We received an alert about a possible infiltration from Gaza,” he recounted. “The security men and the Military Security Officers started to roll out the emergency preparedness squads, in order to protect the communities. As we combed the area, we received word that a suspect was identified east of the community in an open field.

“They overpowered him and took away his weapons, a spike and a knife,” said Babiyan. When asked what the terrorists’ intentions were he said wryly: “I do not know where he was headed but let’s just say this: he did not come to peel carrots at Kibbutz Alumim.”

The terrorist was caught eight kilometers inside Israel’s territory – meaning that he penetrated a long way into Israel before he was caught. “The event is an irregular one,” agreed Babiyan, “and I am certain that the IDF will hold an inquiry into the event and learn lessons so that this kind of thing will not happen.”

Tamir Idan, Head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, credited the local Military Security Officer [a position usually referred to by the Hebrew acronym ‘ravshatz’] for catching the suspect and noted that the IDF intends to slash the number of such officers in the region or turn them into part-time employees.

“Today, too, the ravshatzim proved their neccessity and their great contribution to the security array in the southern communities,” Idan said. “I am certain that following the lessons learned in Operation Protective Edge, and the latest event, the minister of defense and the prime minister will reconsider the decision to cancel ravshatz positions and cut them.”


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