Arrested Hamas Operative Tells All to IDF


Cleared for publication: A Hamas terror operative, caught and arrested in early April after an unsuccessful infiltration attempt into Israel, ‘spills his guts,’ conveying a wealth of information on weapons caches, operatives’ identities, and on terror tunnels.

By Yoav Zitun


A Hamas terror operative who is affiliated with the Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades was arrested by Israel in early April.

Terror operative Mahmoud 'Atuna (Photo: Shin Bet)

Terror operative Mahmoud ‘Atuna – Photo: Shin Bet

He revealed a wealth of information regarding the tunnels following an interrogation.

The operative, Mohammad Atuna, 29, was arrested after crossing the border fence and in possession of two knives. He crossed with the intent of attacking Israeli forces on the border with Gaza.

He was a part of the Hamas militant wing where he worked extensively with the terror organization, including planting and preparing IEDs to use against Israeli forces. He later became extremely involved with the terror tunnels.

Among the large amount of information that he revealed about the tunnels included their routes – particularly those in the northern part of the strip, on Hamas’s use of private houses and buildings to hide their tunnel construction activity, and the various methods and materials Hamas uses to physically build the tunnel

Atuna pointed out exactly where digging projects were occurring, and also pointed out where the tunnel shafts which members of the Nahba unit are supposed to use when attacking Israel are located. The Nahba unit is the Hamas Special Forces unit.

He also said that Hamas established a warren of tunnels within Gaza to be used to ferry militants and equipment around the Strip. The tunnel systems built include rooms for relaxation equipped with showers and mess halls in order to improve the lives of the Hamas fighters.

Throughout the interrogation, Atuna gave up a wide range of names of Hamas operatives and their positions within the organization, and information as to the location of weapons storage facilities, many of which are located in civilian houses.

To this effect, Atuna admitted to having massive amounts of arms at his house, including IEDs, rifles, and suicide vests. He was supposed to give these items out to fighters in the event of another round of fighting.

A picture from inside the newly discovered Hamas tunnel – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

An indictment has been filed against Atuna by the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office in Be’er Sheva.

The Gazan has been in the tunnel business for almost a decade, and he detailed that there are two types of tunnels; tunnels within Gaza which are used for fighting and through which fighters can maneuver in and to outflank IDF forces, and tunnels which cross the border for the purpose of carrying out surprise attacks on IDF forces and Israeli civilians.

He also revealed that Hamas has invested millions of dollars to enable their Special Forces operatives to stay underground for weeks at a time, lying in wait until the order is given to attack Israel.


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