As Peace-Talks Are Ongoing, PA Children’s TV Pushes Hating Jews for Poisoning Arafat

November TV broadcasts timed for Arafat’s death anniversary shows kids blaming Jews for murdering Arafat, expressing their hatred for Israel.

By Ari Yashar


Official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV recently broadcast interviews of children repeating the libel that Jews “poisoned” former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, as part of a children’s program called The Best Home.

PA kids hate Jews for 'poisoning' Arafat Screenshot

PA kids hate Jews for ‘poisoning’ Arafat – Photo: PMW Screenshot

Despite the conclusions of a Russian team of forensics experts determining that Arafat died of natural causes, echoing similar French findings in refuting the PA libel against Israel, the PA pledged last Thursday it would continue investigating Arafat’s death.

The libel seems to be having a hard time dying down, especially among the PA’s propaganda machine.

In the children’s program, a young girl is seen saying “the Jews poisoned [Arafat] and I hate them very much. Allah will repay them what they deserve.” Meanwhile a young boy is less clear about his rhetoric, stating “he died from poisoning by the Jews. Well, I don’t know what he died from, but I know it was by the Jews.”

Broadcast November 16 in time for Arafat’s death anniversary, the video was recently translated and exposed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), and can be seen here:

These statements by PA children were originally part of a larger collection from an official Arafat memorial. While the statements have been broadcasted 5 years in a row, this is the first time they appear in a children’s program.

PA TV similarly broadcast a report about an Arafat memorial photo exhibit in Jerusalem on November 11, featuring a young boy saying “we love Arafat very much. He is precious to us. He died of poisoning. Israel poisoned him because of his cause – he is Palestinian. They are occupiers. They don’t want us to live in peace [or] as free people.”

The video can be seen here:

The libel propaganda in November included the PA TV broadcast of a sermon by PA Minister of Religious Affairs Al-Habbash, in which he claimed Arafat was poisoned by Jews like Islam’s prophet Mohammed.


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