Australian FM: Exactly Which Law does ‘Israeli Settlements’ Break?

Australian Foreign Minister Bishop again comes out swinging in defense of Israel, saying the world has it all wrong labeling Jewish settlements as ‘illegal’.

By Israel Today Staff


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week continued to demonstrate what is, on the international diplomatic stage, rare support not only for Israel, but for its historic right to this land.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Photo Source: The Australian

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo Source: The Australian

In a must-read interview with The Times of Israel, Bishop said it was wrong for most in the international community to speak of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria as “illegal.”

“I would like to see which international law has declared them illegal,” said Bishop.

Most, including Israel’s allies, interpret the Fourth Geneva Convention to mean that Israeli Jews cannot legitimately dwell in the so-called “West Bank.”

The relevant article of the convention states that an occupying power is not permitted to settle any of its citizens in occupied territory.

However, numerous legal experts have in the past noted that it is dubious to apply the article to Israel, for several reasons. First, the West Bank was not the recognized sovereign territory of any other nation at the time Israel seized control of it. Second, there is overwhelming historical and archaeological evidence that the area is part, and even the central part of the Jews’ ancestral homeland.

But even barring those arguments, Bishop pointed out that the original intent of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was to not prejudge a negotiated outcome, even in regards to the settlements.

For the world to already condemn the Jewish settlements as “illegal” is a gross violation of that principle.


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  1. sophia cohen says:

    I live in Shomron, and as a Jew, living here in Israel, I have to say that I keep seeing the media make it look like Jews living on these hilltops ‘settlers’ as being agressive, violent towards others. The media don’t show the true humbleness and quiet nature of the Jewish country folk living out here on the hill tops. When much snow came and we went with very little electricity for a month, untill it got fixed, when homes have also got broken by the army under command to do so, we have kept our peace

    • You’re 100% spot on of course. It’s the ‘same old story’ of a ‘rotten apple’. A few religious zealots who commit awful hate-crimes gets int’l attention leaving the world thinking all Israelis living in Judea and Samaria are ‘violent Arab haters’.

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