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Australia flip-flops on recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Just one day after after The Australian published a report citing government sources that Scott Morrison’s Cabinet would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, Australia’s Prime Minister told reporters that “when I’m in a position to make that announcement, I will.”



Australia’s prime minister appeared to quash reports that he would announce his government’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday.

Asked what decision the Cabinet had been reached regarding the the matter during a news conference in Adelaide, Scott Morrison replied that it was premature to discuss the issue, telling reporters that “when I’m in a position to make that announcement, I will.” Continue Reading »

Australia ends direct funding Palestinian Authority due to its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy

FM Julie Bishop rejects using Australian humanitarian funding for the PA to pay monthly stipends to entice Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as it is an “affront to Australian values, and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”



Australia has discontinued funding the Palestinian Authority because of concern that the money is making PA payments to terrorists and their families possible, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Monday.

Canberra had allocated AU$10 ($7.4) million to the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recover and Development Program that went to the PA.

Abbas’ monthly pension ‘price-list’ to entice terrorists – updated 2017

“I wrote to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 29 May, to seek clear assurance that Australian funding is not being used to assist Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence,” Bishop said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Israeli diplomatic official reports Australia to work to keep ICC off of Israel


A senior diplomatic official said Sunday that Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will defend Israel in hostile international forums against biased and unwarranted politicly motivated charges, designed to castigate Israel.



SYDNEY – Australia is willing to be an “important player” in keeping pressure on the International Criminal Court so it is not used as a vehicle to attack Israel, a senior diplomatic official said Sunday, shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, September 4, 2016 in Jerusalem – Photo: Israel’s GPO

Bishop, according to the official, committed Australia to continue defending Israel in hostile international forums, as it has done until now. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Australian Foreign Minister open to 1-state solution if both Israelis & Palestinians agreed


PM Malcolm Turnbull’s affirmation of Australia’s committed to the 2-state solution policy to the Israel-Palestinian conflict contradicted those made by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who stated that if both sides agree upon a 1-state solution, Australia would recognize it.

By i24news


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Thursday that she would support a one-state solution if it were agreed upon by both the Israelis and the Palestinians, Sky News reported.

The comment comes ahead of Prime Minster Netanyahu’s visit to Australia, slated for Monday, making it the first time an Israeli prime minister has ever travelled to the country in an official capacity. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Foreign Minister Bishop said Australia wouldn’t have supported UNSC resolution


According to the Australian newspaper, FM Bishop indicated the gov’t would not have supported the Security Council’s move, saying, “In voting at the UN, the ­Coalition government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel.”


The US may have worked for the passage of last Friday’s anti-settlement resolution in the UN, and western countries like Britain, France, Japan and Spain may have supported it, but if Australia was on the UN Security Council, it would likely not have voted for it, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop indicated on Thursday.

PM Netanyahu with Australian FM Julie Bishop. - Photo- Amos Ben-Gershom:Israel's GPO

PM Netanyahu with Australian FM Julie Bishop.

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Australian FM says Palestinians share blame for stalemate


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop condemned the BDS movement in Australia as anti-Semitic, and refuses to call Israeli settlements “illegal” something the EU, UN, US and the Arab world does, saying that doing so would prejudice the outcome of negotiations.



Unilateral actions toward statehood and violence by Palestinians – not only Israeli settlement construction – are hurdles to the peace process, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo: REUTERS

“We call for the peace negotiations to recommence, and likewise we publicly and privately say that any unilateral action that is seen as damaging or impeding the peace process should be called what it is,” Bishop said in an interview, shortly after meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Continue Reading »

Islamic organization strong-arm Australia over East Jerusalem terminology

OIC urges its 57 Islamic ambassadors to Australia to strenuously condemn Canberra’s description of East Jerusalem as ‘disputed’ instead of ‘occupied.’


SYDNEY – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has strongly condemned Australia for refusing to refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied,” and urged its 57 member states to take “necessary measures” against Canberra’s “illegal position,” leaving open the possibility of a trade boycott.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Has he softened the Australian government’s stance on East Jerusalem? – Photo: AP

The OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers, which met late last week in Saudi Arabia, blasted “the orientation of the Australian government not to describe the city as occupied.”

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Australian FM: Exactly Which Law does ‘Israeli Settlements’ Break?

Australian Foreign Minister Bishop again comes out swinging in defense of Israel, saying the world has it all wrong labeling Jewish settlements as ‘illegal’.

By Israel Today Staff


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week continued to demonstrate what is, on the international diplomatic stage, rare support not only for Israel, but for its historic right to this land.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Photo Source: The Australian

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo Source: The Australian

In a must-read interview with The Times of Israel, Bishop said it was wrong for most in the international community to speak of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria as “illegal.” Continue Reading »