BBC capitulates on Israel’s profile page for 2nd time.

BBC heeds anger caused by its choice of aggressively bias picture on Israel’s profile page; changes it to one of architecture



The British Broadcasting Corporation has finally changed the picture placed on its website’s profiles page for Israel, replacing the aggressive image of a confrontation between a Border Guard officer and a Palestinian, to that of landmark Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv.

(Photo: AP)

Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv – Photo: AP

The unique style of architecture, knows the “White City of Tel Aviv” has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

The BBC came under fire recently for failing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on its Olympic Games website.

The choice of the original photo placed on Israel’s profile page was particularly stridulous compared to those used on the profile pages of other countries in the region.

Egypt‘s profile page carries the picture of a the Great Sphinx of Giza, Jordan‘s page features the rose-colored columns of Petra, those visiting Syria‘s page are met with the beaming faces of smiling children, and Iran‘s page has a picture of a mosque.

The photo was changed on Wednesday and sources in Jerusalem described it a “small victory.”


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