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#FakeNews: CNN called out by Israel’s Foreign Ministry for news ‘manipulation’

Israel’s Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon was furious at CNN’s chronologically inaccurate report which implied that the killing of the 4 Palestinians (3 of whom were Hamas terrorists) preceded the killing of IDF Staff Sgt. Aviv Levi, thus attributing blame for his assignation on Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


Israel’s Foreign Ministry slammed CNN and BBC on Saturday for what it said was unbalanced coverage of recent events in Gaza, accusing the news outlets of “manipulating” events.

The CNN tweet contains a chronological inaccuracy by implying that the death of four Palestinians, three of whom were Hamas terrorists, took place before a sniper in Gaza killed an Israeli soldier. Continue Reading »

Aggressive BBC anchor presents mendacious spins in Netanyahu interview

BBC Newsnight anchor Evan Davis, fires off multiple leading and disingenuous questions to PM Netanyahu, who expertly corrects false assumptions over and over by delivering pragmatic answers.
– WATCH entire interview.




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REPORT: Couscous salad aboard Virgin Atlantic Airlines turns into social media war

According to a BBC report, a salad on the airline’s menu described as, “Inspired by the flavors of Palestine,” breaks out into an Israeli-Palestinian proxy war on Twitter.



After the airline Virgin Atlantic described a couscous-style salad on its menu as “inspired by the flavors of Palestine,” pro-Israel activists took to social media and called for a boycott of the airline, according to a report by the BBC.

The airline agreed to remove the terms, but when the news broke on February 11 it outraged pro-Palestinian activists and sparked a wave of online reactions.

Twitter Screen Shot

The (pro-Palestinian – ed) website Electronic Intifada reported about the removal of the word “Palestinian”, and twitter users moved forward and called for a boycott of the airline. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Member of British House of Lords blasts media bias against Israel


Former BBC chairman Lord Michael Grade exposes BBC’s coverage of Israel, and anti-Israel terror as ‘inexcusable’, saying, “When Israel acts in self-defense, the narrative is distorted to fit their (the media) narrative of Zionist aggression.”

By David Rosenberg


A member of the House of Lords and former chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation addressed the problem of media bias against Israel during a speech in Parliament on Wednesday, lambasting the BBCfor its coverage of recent terror attacks against Jews in Israel.

Lord Michael Grade, who was chairman of the BBC from 2004 to 2006, praised his country’s backing for a Jewish national home in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, but lamented that much of the media today feeds false narratives about the Jewish state, while anti-Semites use Zionism and Zionists as a proxy for attacking Judaism and Jews. Continue Reading »

Donald Trump Jr. calls out BBC on Twitter for blatant anti-Israel bias in Jerusalem terror-attack


BBC’s headline “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” omitted they were killed for shooting sub-machine gun & knife attack on Israelis

By i24NEWS


The son of US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to criticize the BBC’s reporting of a recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Donald Trump Jr. said the BBC‘s headline, “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” failed to describe how the Palestinian assailants were killed as they attacked civilians and Israeli soldiers.

“You mean after they stabbed a female Israeli police officer to death… right? This is as close to being misleading as possible,” Trump Jr. Continue Reading »

Veteran Syrian-born BBC anchor quits due to unprofessional Mid-East bias


Senior female BBC journalist refuses to continue as presenter due to company’s improper and inaccurate biased reporting of the Middle East.

By Ari Yashar


A senior journalist for BBC has announced she will no longer be working as a new anchor for the leading UK news company due to its biased coverage – but she was not referring to its well-documented bias regarding Israel.

BBC headquarters – Thinkstock

Instead, Dima Izzedin of Syria accused her employer of bias in favor of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in its reporting on the bloody war in her home country. After eight years at BBC she announced she will no longer continue, reports The New Arab on Tuesday.
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Former BBC head condemns network’s biased coverage of Israel


Former network chief, Lord Michael Ian Grade, says BBC shirked its duty by not reporting on the constant incitement by Palestinian leaders, which “has played an undeniable part in stoking tension recently and is an important part of the story.”

By Eli Leon, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Former BBC chairman Lord Michael Ian Grade lambasted the network last week, saying its coverage of the recent terrorist attacks in Israel has been plagued with bias.

Israeli ornithologist wins coveted BBC wildlife photography competition


Photographer Amir Ben-Dov of Israel wins top prize in BBC’s prestigious wildlife photography competition for his still photo of ‘A trio of red-footed falcons on a single branch.’

Erez Erlichman


An Israeli photographer, Amir Ben-Dov, 53, has won a first place prize in annual The Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY) 2015 competition, one of the most prestigious and largest nature and environment photography competitions in the world.

Amir Ben-Dov with A trio of red-footed falcons

The competition, which is sponsored by the Natural History Museum (NHM) in London and the BBC Wildlife Magazine, concluded Tuesday night with a ceremony in London. Continue Reading »

BBC Criticised For Unbalanced Defamatory Report on Jerusalem’s Light Rail

WATCH: BBC’s deficient 30-minute documentary biasedly narrated by ‘bewildered Jew’ is contentiously titled “The Train that Divides Jerusalem.”



LONDON – A BBC documentary examining the role of Jerusalem’s light railway in redefining the capital’s demography has come in for strong criticism after it depicted a city in which Israelis have used the tram line to strengthen their grip over the Palestinians.

The BBC added that, walking through Jerusalem’s Old City, he came “face to face with the battle over one of the world’s holiest sites and asks could it be the flashpoint for the start of another war?” What the blurb failed to announce was that Wishart, an award winning documentary maker, is Jewish but has an understanding about Israel which places him very strongly in the pro-Palestinian’ camp. Continue Reading »

Bennett in Hostile BBC Interview: Iran Deal is a Farce, Like with North Korea

view videoWATCH: In a remarkably hostile BBC interview, Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett exposes the changes from what Kerry had promised in final nuclear deal.

By Ari Soffer


As reactions for and against the deal signed with Iran Tuesday morning continue to pour in, Israeli Education Minister and Jewish Home party head Naftali Bennett took Israel’s case against the deal to the international media.

P5+1 Nuclear Agreement – Historic Farce

In an interview with a notably hostile, even antagonistic BBC anchor, Bennett outlined perhaps the most glaring hole in the deal: the fact that Iran will receive nearly a month’s notice prior to any inspections of nuclear sites – ample time to hide evidence of illegal, bomb-making activity.

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BBC Admits Mistranslation That Hid Indoctrination of Palestinian Anti-Semitism

In a bias anti-Israel documentary, the BBC deliberately mistranslates Palestinian children’s hateful & racist comments about ‘Jews’ to make them appear acceptable.

By Matt Wanderman


Even before the BBC’s new documentary on last summer’s war in Gaza airs, the broadcasting organization has admitted that it distorts the truth in order to make the Palestinians appear more sympathetic.

BBC offices – Reuters

The documentary, entitled “Children of Gaza,” aims at depicting how Operation Protective Edge affected children living in and around the Gaza Strip.

The program has not yet aired, but according to the Jewish Chronicle the Palestinians’ testimonies were mistranslated in order to cover up frequent anti-Semitic comments.

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Israel’s satellite TV provider drops BBC World

Due to perceived anti-Israeli bias trickling down to ‘low customer satisfaction’, YES dropped Britain’s flagship broadcaster.



One of Israel’s main satellite TV providers has opted to drop the world-famous British Broadcasting Corporation from its line-up of channels, Israeli media reported Friday.

A BBC logo is pictured on a television screen inside the BBC's New Broadcasting House office in central London, on November 12, 2012 - Photo: Carl Court /AFP

A BBC logo is pictured on a television screen inside the BBC’s New Broadcasting House office in central London, on November 12, 2012 – Photo: Carl Court /AFP

The YES satellite company announced it would no longer host BBC World, as the channel enjoys low ratings in Israel as a consequence of being perceived to harbor anti-Israeli bias. Continue Reading »

Hundreds of ‘Lefty Brits’ protest BBC’s ‘pro-Israel’ coverage of #OperationProtectiveEdge

British leftists protest broadcaster’s idea of balance, ‘airbrushing’ out Israel’s preexisting military control of Gaza, and the imbalance of power between the sides.


The BBC is widely believed in Israel to be biased in favor of the Palestinians. Yet in Britain, which can fairly be called the nerve center of Western pro-Palestinian sentiment, hundreds of left-wingers have protested in recent days over what they call the state broadcaster’s pro-Israel bias in its coverage of the fighting with Gaza.

Outside Broadcasting House, BBC London HQ

Protesters outside BBC headquarters in London, (illustrative). – Photo: AP

The Independent reported Wednesday that protesters have rallied outside Broadcasting House, the BBC’s London headquarters, as well as in Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. Continue Reading »

BBC Report: Palestinian supporters using false images on Twitter #OperationProtectiveEdge

The BBC has reported that many of the photos are not from the present Gaza conflict & many others are taken from Iraq or Syria conflicts.


The BBC has warned that Palestinians in Gaza and their supporters are using false images on Twitter to garner sympathy for their cause.

Gaza on Twitter

Some of the images posted on Twitter under the #gazaunderattack hashtag. – Photo: BBC Screenshot

Many of the images that supposedly show Gaza under bombardment over the past week are neither current nor from Gaza, the global news organization wrote.

“Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza,” the BBC said, “but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.”

Israel has been bombing Gaza for the past week in response to rocket attacks from the coastal strip. Continue Reading »

Israel 4th from bottom of BBC poll ranking best countries

Israel ‘the better of 4 evils’ topping only North Korea, Pakistan and Iran.

Germany has the most positive influence on the world, according to a survey of 26,000 people in 25 countries.



Israel placed near the bottom of a BBC poll released Thursday ranking the world’s most positively viewed countries.



Some 26,000 people from 25 countries around the world were asked if they viewed a list of 16 countries and the European Union as having a “mainly positive” or “mainly negative” influence in the world.

Germany topped the list with 59 percent of respondents viewing it positively, followed by Canada (55%), the UK (55%) and Japan (51%).

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