BBC finnaly lists Israel’s capital as Jerusalem after receiving complaints

No capital was listed on BBC’s Israel Olympic country profile, whereas East Jerusalem was listed for Palestine.



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev sent a letter to the Director of the BBC’s Bureau in Israel, Paul Danahar on Thursday after the BBC Sport page failed to identify Israel’s capital city as Jerusalem.


BBC Satellite antenna – Photo: Reuters


Until Wednesday afternoon, the page offering information about the Palestinian Olympic team referred to its capital as ‘East Jerusalem’, but the equivalent page for Israel made no mention of a capital city at all.

In the letter, Regev commented that he is “dismayed by the BBC’s decision to discriminate against Israel”.

The letter has been shared on Facebook over 400 times.

One member commented: “I am shocked, shocked that the UK does not treat Israel as a sovereign nation”.

As a result of the controversy, the BBC added Jerusalem to Israel’s country profile on Thursday afternoon, informing browsers that the “seat of government is Jerusalem” adding a disclaimer that “most foreign embassies reside in Tel Aviv.”

Likewise, the Palestinian page stated that its “intended seat of government is East Jerusalem. Ramallah serves as [the] administrative capital.


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  1. Actually, Alan Scopp wrote to the PM’s office informing them of the BBC’s bias pages. We here on fb also rallied behind the effort by complaining to BBC.

    Regardless of who gets the credit, I know we are a power for change. To all those who filled out the BBC complaint-forms….TWO thumbs-up & a hardy, WELL DONE!

  2. Adriane says:

    Please continue to complain. This is not a victory but an insult. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and always has been. No other country has “seat of government” instead of Capital. No other country refers to the where the embassies are located. We as Jews and Israeli’s need to stop celebrating when we receive crumbs and we need to stand proud and demand equal treatment. If we show are strength and don’t let up, we will be taken seriously.

  3. S Lev says:

    The BBC HAS NOT listed Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!!! This insult still needs to be rectified.

    The BBC has only grudgingly ammended the page to state that the GOVERNMENT SITS in Jerusalem. This slight is even more offensive and telling than the previous ommission.

    Moreover, from many countries that I checked, Israel’s is the only page that doesn’t have a representative picture of an Israeli athlete or team.

    What is going on here ???

    • Right you are. The BBC’s attitude and treatment of Israel is as if it took direction straight from the Arab League. They are not impartial nor are they professional as journalists.

      Israel’s PM reacted to this on Saturday evening saying letters will be sent. Remember, the BBC made ‘changes’ after their first letter was sent.

      Personally, I would make any journalist with BBC credentials in Israel persona non gratis, until this attack on Israel’s sovereignty of its capital is amended.

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