Being a Member of Knesset Isn’t so Bad a Job

The MKs’ monthly salary is 38,250 shekels ($10,391) & each is given a car of his/her choosing from any of 6 models. MKs are covered in their travels abroad, either by the Knesset or, in the case of a diplomatic mission, by the Foreign Ministry…and that’s just the beginning.

Gideon Allon



The 48 new members of the 19th Knesset will soon enjoy the generous salary and benefits that come with the job.

carsMoreover, MKs are entitled to up to a NIS 4,250 ($1,155) reimbursement per year in clothing expenses, and a similar amount for foreign language studies.

In addition, each Knesset member is granted an annual budget of NIS 27,500 ($7,470) from which one may be reimbursed for a cellphone, two newspaper subscriptions, two home phone lines (one of which is a fax machine), NIS 103 ($28) per diem for food and lodging on days when Knesset sessions run long, and mailing expenses for up to 15,000 items.

MKs are covered in their travels abroad, which occur quite frequently. If they travel in a parliamentary delegation, the Knesset pays for flight and accommodations. If they are sent on an official public diplomacy mission abroad, then the Foreign Ministry picks up the bill. MKs are also frequently invited abroad by foreign governments, international organizations, Jewish organizations, and so on.

Every MK is given a two-room office at the Knesset in Jerusalem, which includes basic services and a shower. The offices are furnished, and each comes equipped with three desktop computers and a printer. It was recently decided to include a mini-refrigerator and 32-inch television in every office.

Every parliamentarian has two assistants (committee chairmen have three) with monthly salaries that range around NIS 8,350-9,500 ($2,269-2,582).

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