Belgian Jewish girls’ school no longer forced to admit sons of Holocaust denier

Rabbi Moshe Friedman, infamous for his participation with the Neturei Karta at the anti-Zionist & Holocaust-denial conference in Teheran in ’06, placed himself in the middle of a disgraceful controversy in Antwerp. Local court rescinds Rabbi’s injunction.



THE HAGUE — A Belgian court reportedly has lifted an injunction forcing a haredi girls school in Antwerp to enroll two boys.


The Benoth Jeruzalem school for Jewish girls

The injunction, which according to the Joods Actuaal monthly was lifted on Feb. 7, was issued by a judge last month following a petition by Moshe Friedman, an anti-Zionist haredi activist excommunicated by the haredi community of Antwerp.

Unable to enroll his children in the community’s schools, he petitioned to have his sons, Yosef and Yaacov, attend the publicly funded Benoth Jerusalem elementary school.

Belgian law does not permit schools to only accept one gender, though separate classes for boys and girls are permissible. Friedman’s lawsuit was the first case where a haredi parent petitioned the authorities to make a school co-ed.

The Antwerp Court of Appeals lifted the injunction obtained by Friedman due to child welfare considerations raised by the school in appealing the earlier ruling, according to Joods Actueel. The review process may take several years. In the meantime, the boys’ enrollment will be nullified and they will no longer attend the school, according to Joods Actueel.


Rabbi Freidman hugging & passionately kissing Iranian president at the Holocaust denial conference

Freidman, 40, was born in Brooklyn and is married to a Belgian woman. In 2006 he attended a conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran, where he was photographed hugging Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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