Birthday ‘blood parties’ become lifesaving trend

Idea originated on Facebook to celebrate one’s birthday by inviting guests to join in donating a pint of blood to MDA.


The most generous way to celebrate one’s birthday is to organize a “blood party,” in which the person honored and the attendees each donate a pint of blood to Magen David Adom. The organization facilitates this by sending a mobile donation center to the event location, or providing space at the nearest MDA branch.

The idea originated on Facebook and has spread. Joyce Fischler, a Tel Aviv resident, decided to mark her 32nd birthday with a life-saving blood party. Appropriately, the letters comprising the Hebrew word “lev,” which means heart, have a numeric value of 32.

She sent off the invitations via Facebook after MDA happily agreed to host the party.

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By: Judy Siegel-Itzkovick