Border Policeman thwart Arab terror attack in Jerusalem

Border Policeman discovered pickaxe hidden in suspects clothing; 29 yr-old Arab says he was planning to hack a soldier to death in Jerusalem.

By Noam ‘Dabul’ Dvir

Israel Border Police arrested a Palestinian man early Thursday morning who claimed that he had planned to attack a soldier in Jerusalem. Police found a pickaxe among the 29-year-old’s belongings and he was handed over for further investigations.

The pickaxe found on the suspect. (Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit)

The pickaxe found on the suspect. – Photo: Police Spokesperson’s Unit

At approximately 4am the man from Bethlehem approached the tunnel passage near Beit Jala where border police ordered him to stop as the tunnel is strictly for vehicle traffic and not for pedestrians.

Police became more suspicious as they approached as saw that the Palestinian carried a sealed bag and had a bulge in his clothing.

The guards arrested the man according to procedure when sighting a person who they judge as possibly planning an attack. They searched the man and found that the pickaxe was concealed within his clothing causing the bulge they had seen from afar.


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