British Charity Commission warns Palestinian Aid group on funding misuse

The complaint highlighted how the Palestinian aid organization links funding from the NGO to the terror organization, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and uses antisemitic, racist & misleading propaganda on its website, including blatant antisemitic videos by former KKK leader David Duke.



The Charity Commission for England and Wales recently warned Medical Aid for Palestinians that it must “take care” in heeding regulatory guidelines, following a complaint that portions of the money raised by the Palestinian organization are being used “towards political propaganda rather than for its stated purpose of providing medical aid.”

The complaint was filed by UK Lawyers for Israel and the Lawfare Project. The Charity Commission said that if further complaints are made against Medical Aid for Palestinians it will re-open the case and consider withdrawing funding.

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The Lawfare Project is a legal think tank and litigation fund committed to protecting the civil and human rights of Jewish communities around the world. UK Lawyers for Israel employs advocacy, legal research and campaigning to support Israel, Israeli organizations, Israelis, and/or supporters of Israel against BDS and other attempts to undermine, attack or delegitimize them.

Highlighted within the complaint were the Palestinian aid organization’s links to funding NGO’s tied to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which has been defined as a terrorist organization by the UK, United States, European Union, Canda and Israel. Also, the organization was accused of disseminating and using antisemitic, racist and misleading propaganda throughout its website, and promoting antisemitic works such as videos by former KKK leader David Duke or the antisemitic play “Seven Jewish Children.”

The Charity Commission concluded its assessment of the complaint in November 2018.

“Whilst the Charity Commission stated that no further regulatory action or engagement was/is required at this time, we were clear that should any further complaints or information be received in this matter then it may be necessary for us to re-engage with the Charity,” said Morag Edwards of the Charity Commission. “In confirming the closure of the Commission’s case, we signposted the Trustees to regulatory advice and guidance, specifically in relation to issues raised as part of our assessment of the complaint.”

From the Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) propaganda & antisemitic website. – Screenshot

If more complaints are received by the Charity Commission regarding the improper use of funding by the Medical Aid for Palestinians organization, then the commission has the right to suspend the aid organization or disqualify them from receiving funding, which could be a death sentence.

“We would urge people to contact the Charity Commission if they see further evidence of political propaganda by Medical Aid for Palestinians or links to terrorist organisations,” Jonathan Turner, chief executive of UK Lawyers for Israel, said.

The Medical Aid for Palestinians earns an annual income of $7.16 million a year for the specific purpose of providing medical aid to the Palestinian people.

“The Charity Commission has told Medical Aid for Palestinians to take care to heed regulatory guidelines,” said Lawfare’s executive director, Brooke Goldstein. “I hope this means that Medical Aid for Palestinians will stick to its stated purpose of providing Medical Aid to Palestinians, rather than aiding and abetting the spread of lies and hate against Israel and Jews. If they slip up, they should know that action will be taken.”


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