British Report: Syria’s Assad asked Israel’s support for Alawite State


UK’s The Guardian: Syria’s President Assad asked a mediator to approach Israel’s ex-Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in 2012 with a request that Jerusalem not oppose the formation of an Alawite enclave.

In response Lieberman asked for information on Ron Arad’s whereabouts & the return the remains of spy Eli Cohen.

Israel Hayom Staff

According to a report in The Guardian on Monday, Syrian President Bashar Assad sent a message to Avigdor Lieberman in 2012, when the latter was serving as foreign minister, asking Israel’s position on the establishment of an Alawite enclave in northwestern Syria.

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  1. stefany sherman says:

    Thats is the craziest thing Ive ever heard, I hope Israel wont allow them to take over the Golan Heights, then later they will band together against the Zionist Entity

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