Bulgaria, U.S. with Israel seeking Security Council condemnation of Burgas terrorist attack

Israel launches diplomatic campaign, in wake of terror attack, demanding Hezbollah & the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard be added to EU’s list of terror orgs.


After the terror attack comes the diplomatic campaign. Israel and Bulgaria are working with the U.S. and other countries to draft a condemnation of the Burgas terror attack for the UN Security Council, say sources in the Foreign Ministry. At the same time, Israeli ambassadors worldwide have been instructed to appeal to the heads of state of their respective countries to issue official condemnations of the attack.


An Israeli survivor is carried on a wheelchair to an ambulance as he leaves a hospital in the city of Burgas – Photo by REUTERS

“Expressions of condemnation by leaders of foreign countries are critical and send a clear message from the international community to terrorists and Iran,” said a telegram sent by acting Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Ben-Dor early this morning to the heads of Israeli delegations around the world.

“It is crucial for us that you act diligently in the media, in interviews, briefings, articles, etc,” Ben-Dor wrote. “A concerted effort is needed to make the public fully aware of the murderous terror threat spearheaded by Iran and Hezbollah.”


Iranian basij paramilitary volunteers, affiliated to the elite Revolutionary Guard, attending a parade ceremony, marking the 28th anniversary of the onset of the Iran-Iraq war. – Photo by AP

In the telegram to Israeli ambassadors, Ben-Dor stressed that in all of the recent terror attacks in Cyprus, Kenya, New Delhi and Thailand, “Iran and Hezbollah’s fingerprints are visible.” The telegram also directed ambassadors to emphasize that “it is obvious Teheran is directing the terror attacks through the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.”

“It should be noted that these two organizations have not been placed on the terror lists of the EU or of other organizations,” the telegram states, “which until now has prevented any decisive action to restrain them.”

The Foreign Ministry asked Israeli ambassadors to emphasize that the terror attack may have been directed against Israelis but American, Italian, Slovakian and Bulgarian citizens were among the casualties as well.

“This shows that Iran does not discriminate amongst its victims,” stated the telegram. “Iran continues to use the tool of terror as a means of deterrence against the West, even at the cost of harming the interests of states with which it has no quarrel.”

Since yesterday’s attack, several condemnations have been issued, including one from U.S. President Barack Obama.

“I strongly condemn today’s barbaric terrorist attack on Israelis in Bulgaria,” Obama said. “The United States will stand with our allies and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack.”

Aside from issuing the condemnation, Obama telephoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his condolences over the deaths of the Israelis in the terror attack. The Prime Minister’s Office stated that the two leaders agreed during the conversation that Israel and the U.S. would cooperate in investigating the attack.

Netanyahu thanked Obama for the call, and told him that Iran and Hezbollah were waging a worldwide terror campaign. “Iran is a global terror state. It should be made to bear the consequences,” Netanyahu said.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also condemned the terror attack in Bulgaria, as did the EU foreign minister and the French foreign ministry.

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