Bulgarian gov’t conducts reenactment of Burgas terrorist bombing

Bulgarian authorities hope to acquire some answers from the execution of the Hezbollah terror attack that claimed the lives of 5 Israelis last July.

By Ynet

Sappers and teams of the fire department examined the area, so as to ascertain whether the damages are identical to those of the bombing attack at the Sarafovo Airport. Bulgarian authorities conducted a reenactment of the Burgas bus bombing which claimed the lives of five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver last July, Bulgaria‘s state radio reported Friday. The two suspects, Hezbollah operatives, are still at large.

הציבו בובות כדי לדמות את הנפגעים. השחזור, הבוקר (צילום: AFP)

Reenactment of bombing – Photo: AFP

Dummies were placed inside and around the buses with maximum precision, following thorough examinations of security cameras and witness accounts, it was reported.

Boyko Naydenov, head of the National Investigating Service, told the Focus news agency that the re-enactment is meant to give answers to several questions, such as where the terrorist was standing and how much explosive material was used for the attack.

He added that the authorities had also provided mannequins, imitating the passengers in the bus and at the airport.

קנו את האוטובוסים מהיורופול (צילום: רויטרס)

Dummies used to represent victims – Photo: Reuters

The reenactment was based on photos taken by border police at the airport. Security footage aired by Channel 10 earlier this week showed wounded Israeli tourists at the scene of the blast.

The reenactment took place in the town of Ihtiman, which is located mid-way between the capital Sofia and the second largest city of Plovdiv. One of the two buses was detonated by experts with the Specialized Directorate for Operational and Technical Operations and experts with the National Investigating Service.

The two buses were purchased by Europol.

Investigations believe the bomb used is an exact copy of the one that exploded in Burgas.

Last February, Bulgaria released findings from its investigation into the attack. Bulgaria’s interior minister said that the two terrorists were members of Hezbollah. Europol also said Hezbollah was behind the attack and that a remote detonated bomb had been used in the attack.


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