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US State Department Blacklist Hezbollah Terrorists For Burgas Bombing

Two of the Hezbollah suspects were placed on the special US terror list and are accused of the deadly 2012 terrorist bombing, targeting Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

By i24news 

Three Hezbollah suspects — two of whom are accused in a deadly 2012 bombing targeting Israeli tourists in Bulgaria — have been placed on a special US terror watch list, Washington announced on Tuesday.

Burgas, Bulgaria at time of explosion

The State Department named Meliad Farah, Hassan el-Hajj Hassan and Hussein Atris as “specially designated global terrorists.”

The terror designation makes it illegal for US citizens to engage in any transactions with the three men, and freezes any property they might possess within the United States.

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Bulgaria seeks extradition from Lebanon of 2 Hezbollah bus bomb terrorists

Bulgaria’s Chief prosecutor: 3rd Bombing suspect in the terror attack on an Israeli tour bus to Burgas has been officially identified, but not publicly revealed.



Bulgaria’s chief prosecutor  Sotir Tsatsarov said on Friday that the authorities transferred the investigation of the terror attack on an Israeli bus to Burgas; the  Black Sea resort which was the location of the 2012 attack resulting in the deaths of five Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver.

Israeli ZAKA emergency rescue team examining the remains of the bus at the scene of the Hezbollah terrorist attack in Burgas, Bulgaria. – Photo: JTA

Israeli ZAKA emergency rescue team examining the remains of the bus at the scene of the Hezbollah terrorist attack in Burgas, Bulgaria. – Photo: JTA

Tsatsarov said again on Friday the identity of the third suspect—the alleged bomber who died during the terrorist attack on Israelis tourists— has been identified, but not revealed.  Continue Reading »

Hizbullah Wired $100K for Bulgaria Suicide Bomber

Hizbullah paid almost $100,000 to 2 men who are wanted over Burgas terrorist attack that left 5 Israeli tourists and a local dead, according to Bulgarian media.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Hizbullah’s armed wing wired almost $100,000 (75,000 euros) to two men wanted over a bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year, a local newspaper reported Friday, according to the AFP news agency.

According to the 24 Hours daily, the money was to help organize the blast at Burgas airport on the Black Sea on July 18, 2012, and to carry out reconnaissance in other countries. Continue Reading »

Bulgaria releases ID of 2 suspects in Burgas terrorist bombing


The Sofia report into the Hezbollah suicide bombing that killed 5 Israelis & a local, names a Canadian & an Australian citizen as prime suspects.




The Bulgarian authorities have released the names of two people believed to be involved in the Burgas bus bomb terrorist attack last year that killed five Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver according to the Bulgarian news agency Focus.

Meliad Farah and Hassan El Hajj Hassan, who are suspected of involvement in the Burgas bus bombing.

Meliad Farah and Hassan El Hajj Hassan, who are suspected of involvement in the Burgas bus bombing. – Photo: Bulgaria Interior Ministry

The two were identified as 32-year-old Australian citizen Meliad Farah, also known as Hussein Hussein, and 25-year old Canadian Citizen Hassan El Hajj

In the days around the attack, the suspects had been noticed in Ruse, Varna and Nesebar, the Sunny Beach resort, and in the village of Ravda, according to the report.

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Bulgarian gov’t conducts reenactment of Burgas terrorist bombing

Bulgarian authorities hope to acquire some answers from the execution of the Hezbollah terror attack that claimed the lives of 5 Israelis last July.

By Ynet

Sappers and teams of the fire department examined the area, so as to ascertain whether the damages are identical to those of the bombing attack at the Sarafovo Airport. Bulgarian authorities conducted a reenactment of the Burgas bus bombing which claimed the lives of five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver last July, Bulgaria‘s state radio reported Friday. The two suspects, Hezbollah operatives, are still at large.

הציבו בובות כדי לדמות את הנפגעים. השחזור, הבוקר (צילום: AFP)

Reenactment of bombing – Photo: AFP

Dummies were placed inside and around the buses with maximum precision, following thorough examinations of security cameras and witness accounts, it was reported. Continue Reading »

Cyprus jails Hezbollah terrorist for plotting attack on Israelis

Hossam Taleb Yaacoub sentenced to 4 years in prison for plotting to attack Israeli interests in Cyprus.

US says Yaacoub’s guilty verdict demonstrates need for EU to take severe measures against Hezbollah threat.

By Reuters


A Cyprus court sentenced a member of Lebanon’s Shiite Muslim Hezbollah movement to four years in jail on Thursday on charges of plotting to attack Israeli interests on the island.

Hossam Taleb Yaacoub – Photo: AP

In a case bearing similarities to a deadly bus bombing in Bulgaria targeting Israelis last year, the Cypriot court convicted Hossam Taleb Yaccoub on five counts of participating in a criminal organization and agreeing to commit a crime. Continue Reading »

Bulgaria: Any EU gov’t could request blacklisting Hezbollah

Bulgaria’s interim PM says he will “provide needed evidence” to place Hezbollah on EU’s terror blacklist following their Burgas terrorist bombing.



BRUSSELS – Bulgaria will provide more evidence Hezbollah planned an attack that killed five Israelis last year, in a move it said on Wednesday should convince European Union countries to put the Islamist group on its terrorist list.

ZAKA man examines damage in Burgas

ZAKA man examines damage in Burgas – Photo: Avigdor Shatran

Bulgaria accused the Lebanese militant movement on Feb. 5 of carrying out a bomb attack on a bus in the Black Sea city of Burgas that killed the Israelis and their Bulgarian driver last July.

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Bulgarian FM urges EU to recognize Hezbollah as terrorist organization

Sofia urges EU to blacklist Hezbollah as a terrorist organization & make an effort to prevent further attacks to EU members.


The European Union must take collective action against Hezbollah, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov said on Monday morning.
Relatives of a victim of the Burgas bomb attack

Relatives of a victim of the Burgas bomb attack – Photo: REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Mladenov attended a meeting in Brussels to brief his counterparts on an initial investigative Bulgarian report which blamed Hezbollah for the bombing outside the Burgas airport that killed five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian bus driver last July.

“We believe the attack that happened in Burgas last year was organized by people connected to the military wing of Hezbollah,” Mladenov said.

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EU rejects declaring Hezbollah a ‘terrorist organization’

EU sources report that if Hezbollah’s involvement in last July’s terrorist attack in Bulgaria is proven, the most the EU will do is consider implementing pinpoint sanctions against it, but the European Union will not call Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

By Dan Lavie, Daniel Siryoti & Israel Hayom Staff


If the required proof implicating Hezbollah in the terrorist attack in Bulgaria last July is provided, then the EU would lean toward implementing pinpoint sanctions against elements involved in the attack, but would refrain from formally declaring Hezbollah a “terrorist organization,” European Union sources said on Sunday.

The scene of the terrorist attack against Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria, last July.

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Polish call to Ashton: Make Efforts to Acknowledge Hizbullah as Terror Group

Polish MEP Michal Tomasz Kaminski has called on EU’s Ashton to step up Europe’s efforts to designate Hizbullah a terrorist organization and stop their operations in EU member states as bases for money-laundering & fundraising.

By Elad Benari


Polish MEP Michal Tomasz Kaminski on Thursday called on EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to step up Europe’s efforts to designate Hizbullah a terrorist organization after last week’s Bulgarian’s report that the Lebanese group was behind the terror attack on Israeli tourists in Burgas in July 2012.

Hezbollah rocket launcher

Hezbollah rocket launcher, used to kill Israeli civilians, in violation to the Geneva Conventions

The European Jewish Press (EJP) reported that in a written question to Ashton, ahead of Monday’s meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers where the issue is likely to come under discussion, Kaminski asked why the EU remains “reluctant to call Hizbulllah by its proper name”, after Ashton’s official response to the Burgas findings expressed “the need for a reflection over the outcome of the investigation.” Continue Reading »

Canadian newspaper: Burgas terrorists are related

The ‘National Post’ reports that the culprits of the Burgas terror bombing that killed 5 Israeli tourists & a local bus driver, are related & that one grew up in Vancouver.



Two of the three suspected Hezbollah operatives accused by Bulgaria’s government of killing five Israelis and a Bulgarian national have familial ties. The Canadian daily National Post reported on Tuesday that a Canadian, who is believed to have participated in the bombing of an Israeli tour bus in Burgas, Bulgaria, “is a relative of the unidentified terrorist who died while planting the explosives.”
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Hezbollah status to be discussed at summit meeting by EU leaders

Despite Burgas bombing probe, European & Israeli officials are a bit skeptical that Hezbollah will be blacklisted.


Israeli officials expressed satisfaction Thursday that the question of placing Hezbollah on the EU’s terror blacklist was expected to be discussed at a two-day summit of the leaders of the 27 European Union states that began Thursday evening in Brussels.

Bulgaria bus bomb.

Bulgaria bus after terrorist’s bomb. – Photo: REUTERS

Though there was no expectation that any decision would be made at the meeting, one official said the very fact that it would be discussed by the European leaders was a step in the right direction.

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Despite Hezbollah’s Burgas bombing, E.U. leaders are scared to confront Nasrallah

European Leaders know that changing Hezbollah’s designation to ‘terrorist organization’ would seriously hurt its entire drug-smuggling & money-laundering operations which fund its terrorist activities, yet they are more scared of loosing revenue and the risk of retaliation.

By Cnaan Liphshiz


(JTA) — In his many years of service for France’s spy agency, Claude Moniquet has seen much evidence linking Hezbollah to terrorist-related activities in Europe and beyond.

NasrallahThe attacks, says Moniquet, a 20-year veteran of the DGSE intelligence service, go back as far as 1983, to the bombing of military barracks in Beirut that killed nearly 300 people, including 58 French soldiers. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Netanyahu Tells the World, Time to Stand Up to Hizbullah

Netanyahu releases a video clip: Bulgaria’s findings show it’s time to face facts about Hizbullah.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a statement Tuesday after Bulgaria officially blamed Hizbullah for a terrorist bombing in the country that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian last year.

NetanyahuNetanyahu called on the international community to recognize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

The Bulgarian government said Tuesday that two people with Canadian and Australian passports linked to Hizbullah were behind the July bus bombing.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada “takes the reported involvement of a dual national living in Lebanon very seriously and is working with Bulgarian authorities.” Continue Reading »

Bulgarian Investigation Proves Hezbollah Executed Burgas Terrorist Attack

After a 7-month probe, Bulgarian interior minister announces that 2 Hezbollah terrorists involved in Burgas suicide-terrorist bombing that killed 6.


SOFIA – Two individuals with links to Lebanon’s Shi’ite group Hezbollah were involved in a bomb attack on a bus in the Bulgarian resort of Burgas that killed five Israeli tourists last July, Bulgaria’s interior minister said on Tuesday.
Bulgaria bus bomb.

Bulgaria bus bomb. – Photo: REUTERS

The conclusions of the Bulgarian investigation may open the way for the European Union to join the United States in branding the Iranian-backed Hezbollah a terrorist organization since there is now a clear connection to an attack on EU territory.
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