By day a Rabbi, by night a Border Guard Police officer patrolling the Upper Galilee


Meir Ohana is the chief rabbi of Mushav Kfar Yuval in the Upper Galilee, but that doesn’t stop him from patrolling the north as head of a volunteer Border Guard police unit.

Ohana has always demonstrated his support of haredi integration in the IDF: “Studying Torah does not preclude ‘bearing the burden’.”

By Itsik Saban

When Rabbi Meir Ohana takes off his traditional black suit, he puts on a Border Police uniform. While much of the ultra-Orthodox world in Israel is up in arms over the so-called “sharing of the burden” — the state’s intent to compel Israeli ultra-Orthodox citizens to enlist in the military after years of enjoying blanket exemptions from service — Ohana is a rare sight among his ilk.