Chinese Science Contest Winners Choose to Visit Israel For Its Prize

Having chosen to visit Israel, the 19 Chinese winers will attend 10-day science youth camp at Weizmann Institute of Science and meet Nobel chemistry laureate Professor Ada Yonath.

By Dan Lavie


Nineteen Chinese teenagers who won a prestigious science competition are scheduled to visit Israel next week as their prize. The winning group was given its choice of travel destinations, and has chosen to attend a special 10-day workshop hosted by the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The program includes nationwide activities involving science and technology sites, such as the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa. One of the workshop’s highlights will be a meeting with the 2009 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry, Professor Ada Yonath.

China is one of Israel’s primary target markets in terms of developing trade ties and boosting bilateral economic activity.

Considered a leader of technological innovation in today’s high-tech world, Israel generates great interest and appeal both to Asia-based entrepreneurs, and to families seeking to give their children extracurricular scientific education.

The Smart-Up Science Youth Camp “not only strengthens Israel, but it also produces future Chinese ‘ambassadors,'” said Eliezer Manor, Shirat Enterprises founder and president.

A similar workshop took place in 2014, and according to Manor many of its graduates have chosen to pursue higher education opportunities in Israel.

“Friendships were struck between Chinese and Israeli children that are ongoing, and I’m proud to say there’s even a degree of Zionism [in the program],” he said.


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