Commotion of Israelis on board airliner force two Arab-Israeli passengers to deplane




A number of Israelis returning from a vacation in Greece with Aegean Airlines on Monday caused a scene when two Arab-Israeli men boarded the same aircraft and drew their attention.


This did not fare well with the Israelis on board who turned to the flight attendants and said they would not allow the plane to embark with the two men on board. Despite the scene caused by the Israelis, the flight attendants went about their cabin-preparations as usual, and the captain prepared for take-off.

When the crew was ready for take-off, the Israelis refused to take a seat – violating takeoff procedures which require that all passengers remain seated for take-off – preventing the aircraft from taking off.

According to Israel Radio, which broke the story, an argument broke out between the Israeli and Arab passengers. The Greek crew was in utter shock and could not fully comprehend the exchanges between the sides.

The argument carried on for an hour, after which the crew realized that there was no end in sight. They approached the two Arab-Israeli men and offered them a hotel for the night and flight for the following day. They took up the offer to return to Israel Tuesday morning.

The Israelis on board continued to make a scene even after the two Arab-Israelis deplaned, demanding that the crew conduct an additional security check. The crew, fed-up with the Israelis, refused to give in to their demands, and told the passengers to take a seat, otherwise, they’d be taken off-board sans-compensation.

The Israelis gave in to the threat, agreed to take a seat, and made their way back to Israel.


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