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Israel’s El Al comes in next to last on landing punctuality


With only Pakistan Airlines less punctual, a report by Flystats shows that in March of this year, 45% of El Al flights arrived more than 15 minutes late, with an average of 44 minutes late.

By Ilan Gattegno


Israel’s national air carrier, El Al, is running late: Some 45% of the company’s flights for March 2016 landed over 15 minutes late at their destinations, putting the airline next-to-last in a report published by the company Flystats, which tracks real-time information about airlines and airports.

An El Al aircraft – Photo: KOKO

El Al flights landed an average of 44 minutes late in March. Continue Reading »

Commotion of Israelis on board airliner force two Arab-Israeli passengers to deplane




A number of Israelis returning from a vacation in Greece with Aegean Airlines on Monday caused a scene when two Arab-Israeli men boarded the same aircraft and drew their attention.


This did not fare well with the Israelis on board who turned to the flight attendants and said they would not allow the plane to embark with the two men on board. Despite the scene caused by the Israelis, the flight attendants went about their cabin-preparations as usual, and the captain prepared for take-off. Continue Reading »