Congressman calls on Sec of State Kerry to cut off aid to Palestinian Authority

US Congressman Jim Gerlach calls to cut off U.S. aid to PA because Abbas uses American funding for salaries & pension for convicted & jailed terrorists.

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


PMW exposure of PA salaries in European parliaments & in the U.S. Congress has had a positive & growing impact.

Congressman Jim Gerlach – Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Palestinian Media Watch‘s reports on the PA’s payments of salaries to terrorists continue to reverberate in parliaments and US Congress. Last month, Dutch Parliament in an overwhelming majority vote called on their government to demand the PA stop salary payments to terrorist prisoners. (See text below)

Now US Congressman Jim Gerlach has written to Sec. of State John Kerry asking the that US stop foreign aid to the PA because it pays salaries and stipends to “compensate convicted terrorists and/or their families.”


The following is from the letter of Congressman Jim Gerlach:


Letter to Kerry

Motion passed in Dutch Parliament “The [Dutch] parliament … noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority has been giving money to convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons (i.e., Palestinians convicted of terror offenses); whereas each [prisoner] can count on a monthly payment of € 282 for a sentence of less than three years, rising to € 2,419 if convicted for a sentence of more than 30 years; noting that those punished in the highest [salary] category include those responsible for terrorist attacks in which innocent children, women and men have been killed, [the Dutch parliament] calls on the [Dutch] Government in its bilateral contacts with the Palestinian Authority to demand it stop this support as it can be interpreted as encouragement for crime.” [Voted in Dutch Parliament, Nov. 27, 2013″]

PMW impact in Europe praised by Israeli TV

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