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US lawmakers tell Abbas: Trump-era policies will remain in force

In a “tense” meeting with the Palestinian leader last week, the US congressional delegation unequivocally said the brakes will remain on from furthering a Palestinian political resurgence, and the Trump-era policies will remain in force, until Abbas’ national policy of ‘Pay-to-Slay-Jews’ ends.

By Israel Today Staff


There was concern in Israel, and expectation in Ramallah, that the election of US President Joe Biden would mark a much more conciliatory American approach to the Palestinians than that of former President Donald Trump.

And indeed, Biden has signaled his intention to reengage the Palestinian leadership and put them back on more equal footing with Israel in regards to the Middle East peace process. Continue Reading »

US lawmakers introduce new legislation to seriously reduce funding to UNRWA

Palestinian Leaders In A Panic:

U.S. congressmen seek to penalize U.N. agency that was specifically tailored to maintain & support refugees for generations by intentionally inflating the number of actual Palestinian refugees from a modest 20,000 to a whooping 5.2 million.
• Trump administration likely to release classified Obama report on UNRWA within a few weeks.
• WATCH:  U.S. Amb. to UN Nikki Haley lambasts Arab member states of the United Nations.

By Ariel Kahana


U.S. lawmakers have introduced a new piece of legislation that would drastically reduce U.S. funding for the United Nations relief agency for Palestinian refugees, known as UNRWA. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Prime Minister Tells U.S. Congressmen: It’s time the Kurds received independence

Although, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rarely addresses the Kurdish issue, he told a visiting delegation of 33 American congressmen last week that he is in favor of an independent Kurdish state since they are a “brave, pro-Western people who share our values” and could curtail Iran’s expansion in their region.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a delegation of 33 Republican congressmen last week that he is in favor of an independent Kurdish state in parts of Iraq, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

According to a source who took part in the discussion on Thursday, Netanyahu expressed his “positive attitude” toward a Kurdish state in the Kurdish areas of Iraq, saying the Kurds are a “brave, pro-Western people who share our values.” Continue Reading »

Netanyahu: ‘The more closely one looks at the Iran accord, the more they oppose it’

view videoIsrael’s PM Netanyahu is scheduled to meet more than 40 US bipartisan lawmakers traveling to Israel early next month.



“The objection to the Iran deal is growing as time goes by,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday during a meeting with Israeli diplomatic correspondents in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. – Photo: AMIT SHABAY/POOL

“The more people learn about the deal, the more they oppose it. We also identify this trend among the US public opinion,” he emphasized, reiterating former remarks about the historic deal curbing Iran’s nuclear program signed on July 14, 2015 between Iran and the Western powers. Continue Reading »

Congressman Hails PM’s Speech Proclaiming ‘Netanyahu Was Our Esther’

GOP Rep from Texas said PM Netanyahu’s warnings over the current deal with Iran may prove to be ‘invaluable’ in preventing a bad deal “for the world.”

By Yoni Kempinski


In his speech to Congress Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu invoked the Purim story to warn America of the threats posed by modern-day Persian tyrants in Iran.

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert - Arutz7 Screenshot

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert – Arutz7 Screenshot

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) said he felt the comparison was a fitting one – and that Netanyahu was in his view fulfilling the role of the Jewish Queen Esther in exposing the threat posed by Iran not just to the Jewish people, but to the entire world. Continue Reading »

Report: Top Democrats hint at boycotting Netanyahu speech

Politico new magazine reports some members of Congress mulling over not attending the Israeli PM’s address as a protest for his appearance.

By Ynetnews


Dozens of Democrats in the US House of Representatives have been threatening to skip Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 address to Congress, Politico reported on Tuesday.

US Vice President Joe Biden – Photo: AFP

“We defer to Democratic members if they’d like to attend or not,” a White House aide told Politico. The office of Vice President Joe Biden declined to comment on the matter, the report added.

According to Politico, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) Continue Reading »

U.S. Congressman ‘Shocked’ by Openly anti-Jewish Practices at Temple Mount

Two US law makers go ‘under cover’ to visit the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site – and experience firsthand ‘intimidating’ discrimination.

By Ari Soffer


An American Congressman has expressed his “shock” after witnessing anti-Jewish discrimination on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, during a recent fact-finding mission to Israel.

Rep. Johnson (2nd R) on the Temple Mount, flanked by his Waqf escort – Photo: Ruth Lieberman

US Rep. Bill Johnson, (R-OH) was joined by Congressman David McKinley (R-WV), on a tour of the State of Israel organized by the Israel Allies Foundation and Yes! Israel missions “to see the situation there for ourselves”. Continue Reading »

Congress members condemn ASA for unproductive path of boycott

Along with the U.S. Congress, close to 200 U.S. universities and the larger academic groups have criticized the boycott.


WASHINGTON  — A bipartisan slate of 134 U.S. Congress members wrote a letter to the American Studies Association protesting its decision last month to boycott Israeli universities.

 Reps. Pete Roskam (R-Ill.) left & right  Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pete Roskam (R-Ill.) left & right Ted Deutch (D-Fla.)  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Academic cooperation can be an important tool to help foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but you have chosen the unproductive path of isolation,” said the letter dated Friday, initiated by Reps. Pete Roskam (R-Ill.), the chief deputy whip of the U.S.

Continue Reading »

Congressman calls on Sec of State Kerry to cut off aid to Palestinian Authority

US Congressman Jim Gerlach calls to cut off U.S. aid to PA because Abbas uses American funding for salaries & pension for convicted & jailed terrorists.

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


PMW exposure of PA salaries in European parliaments & in the U.S. Congress has had a positive & growing impact.

Congressman Jim Gerlach – Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Palestinian Media Watch‘s reports on the PA’s payments of salaries to terrorists continue to reverberate in parliaments and US Congress. Last month, Dutch Parliament in an overwhelming majority vote called on their government to demand the PA stop salary payments to terrorist prisoners. Continue Reading »

Congressman Kennedy: Israel’s right to exist isn’t too much to ask


Joseph Kennedy (D-MA), grandson of assassinated RFK says Jerusalem should trust President Obama on Iran.




The sight of a fluttering Syrian flag just across Israel’s border on the Golan Heights on Sunday underscored for visiting United States Congressman Joseph Kennedy (D-MA) how important security is for a small country like Israel with hostile neighbors.
Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-MA) talks to 'The Jerusalem Post' at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-MA) talks to ‘The Jerusalem Post’ at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. – Photo: STEVE LINDE

During his five-day visit as part of a 36-member congressional delegation led by US Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD), he also visited the Gaza border in the South, as well as the Lebanese border in the North, near the Golan Heights.

Continue Reading »

Netanyahu to Congressmen: The US Keeps Iran from Bomb


At a meeting with visiting US Congress officials Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that pressure on Iran must be kept up.

By David Lev



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday met with a delegation of 36 U.S. Congress members who are visiting Israel. Leading the delegation is Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer (D), currently the House minority whip.

Netanyahu held a round-table discussion with the Congresspeople, presenting Israel’s case on a number of regional and security issues.

Netanyahu also discussed Iran with the group, saying that the U.S. needed to more forcefully press Iran to stop its nuclear development program. Continue Reading »

Congressmen circulated bill to move US Embassy to Jerusalem


New Bipartisan bill now being circulated highlights cost savings to U.S. Gov’t

Congressman ‘committed to unity of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital for historical, biblical & moral reasons’

By Ynetnews


Members of Congress have introduced legislation that would transfer the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, sending a message of commitment and resolve to Israel and also presenting the US government with a cost-saving measure at a time of major budget cuts.


US Embassy - Ariel Schalit - 31072011

U.S. Embassy building on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv, – Photo: Ariel Schalit

The bipartisan bill, known as the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel Act (H.R. Continue Reading »

US Congressmen respond to EU’s failure to blacklist Hezbollah


US Congressman from NY says inaction is emboldening terror organization.





WASHINGTON — After developments on Wednesday set back efforts to convince the European Union to list Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, members of Congress are expressing their disappointment and calling for a renewed push against reluctant EU member states.

Hezbollah head Nasrallah speaks at Beirut protest

Hezbollah head Nasrallah speaks at Beirut protest – Photo: REUTERS

Great Britain had been leading the initiative, but Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic continue to harbor reservations, Reuters reported, fearful that the listing would result in terrorist reprisals in Europe and further upheaval in the Middle East.

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Congressmen call on A-G to indict freed terrorists

52 co-signatories tell US A-G Eric Holder say those freed in Schalit deal who harmed Americans should be prosecuted.


Freed Palestinian prisoners wave a Hamas flag

Freed Palestinian prisoners wave a Hamas flag By REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

A group of 52 congressmen and women called on US Attorney-General Eric Holder on Thursday to prosecute Palestinian terrorists responsible for killing and maiming Americans.

In a bipartisan letter sponsored by congressmen Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) and Howard Berman (D-California), the lawmakers said Israel released more than a dozen such terrorists in October 2011 as part of its deal with Hamas to free kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit.

“Because of the circumstances of this forced release, their prosecution under American law is not precluded by principles of double jeopardy, and they should, if prosecuted, suffer the full consequences of having violated American law,” the letter says of those terrorists.Under

Continue Reading »