Court Order Lifted: Golan Druze Spied for Syria

Druze resident from the Golan Heights has been charged with aiding Syria by turning over intel on IDF patrols & activities.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu



A Golan Heights Druze resident has been charged with aiding Syria by turning over information on IDF patrols and giving Syria equipment for wiretapping. A gag order on the arrest was lifted Monday.

Golan Druze resident Juri indicted for spying

Golan Druze resident Juri indicted for spying
Israel news photo: Israel Security Agency

Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and Golan Heights police arrested Iyad Jamad Assad Juhri of the Druze city of Majdal Shams, located adjacent to the Syrian border. He has admitted to gathering information  for Syrian intelligence and to transferring to Syria equipment that might be used for wiretapping.

Juhri, age 28, has learned medicine in Syria since 2002 and was arrested June 28 when he tried to cross the border into Israel for one of his frequent vacation visits.

The vacations were used for spying for Syria, an enemy state.

The indictment against him charges that between 2005 and 2008, he gathered information on IDF operations and activities in the Golan Heights. He also gained access to army communications equipment that he brought into Syria for intelligence officials.

He admitted that he met Syrian intelligence personnel in Syria and also turned over information on the names, locations and sizes of IDF bases, including information on training exercises and whether or not tanks were present.

Among the information were details of patrols around the city of Majdal Shams and how the military reacted to alarms raised when the electronic fence was touched.

He also relayed to Syrian officials information on Golan Heights residents who are opposed to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Two others also have been charged as accomplices. Juhri also met with two others in the Golan Heights whom he used to gather information. He also gave Syria the name of a friend vacationing in Jordan, who also met with them for collecting information.


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