Damascus: Chemical weapons are only against foreign attack

Syria’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says chemical stockpile are secure & will never be used against Syrian civilians

By News agencies


Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi says the country’s chemical weapons stocks are secure and would only be used in the case of a foreign attack.

In safe hands? Photo: AP

In safe hands? Photo: AP

There has been widespread concern that Syria‘s stocks of chemical weapons could fall into the hands of the rebels fighting the government, some of whom are believed to have links to al-Qaeda. There was also concern the weapons might be used to defend the regime.

Makdissi said in a news conference Monday broadcast on state television that the weapons are under the protection of the Syrian army and would never be used “inside Syria.”

“Syria will never use (chemical weapons) against Syrians no matter what,” Jihad Makdissi told a news conference that was aired on state television.

He added that the security situation in Damascus was improving.


AP and Reuters contributed to this report.
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