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REPORT: Assad deploys troops to engage ISIS in Palestinian refugee camp

According to Al-Masdar News, the Syrian Army has been concentrating their 9th Armored Division & Tiger Forces near the Yarmouk refugee camp after the regime successfully defeated the rebels in the last gas-attack.



The Syrian regime is massing troops and armored vehicles to prepare to retake from Islamic State the Yarmouk area in southern Damascus, according to local sources and media.

Yarmouk was home to large numbers of Palestinian refugees before the country’s civil war, but has been under siege by the Syrian regime for many years.

Part of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, near Damascus, Syria, after being damaged by fighting.

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Syrian rebel fighters return ‘lost’ Vulture to Israel

Spurred by the intervention of local animal activists as an expression of gratitude for Israel’s humanitarian efforts on its border, one of the Golan Heights’ few remaining vultures was caught, having been injured, and returned to Israel by local Syrian rebels.

By Amir Ben-David


One of the few vultures still remaining in the Golan Heights Gamla Nature Reserve flew over the border to Syria recently before being captured by one of the rebel organizations fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who returned it home Tuesday.

The Gamla vultures—as evidenced by the tracking devices affixed to some of them to trace their movements—occasionally fly over the border. Continue Reading »

Syrian rebel leader: ‘Israel, is not our enemy, Iran is.’


Salim Hudaifah, a former Druze intelligence officer in the Syrian army says, ‘Israel can help us. The treatment of the wounded has improved its image, but it is limited because the Arab media does not report it.’
– Assad and ISIS, he is sure, are cooperating behind the scenes.

By Itamar Eichner


“We have intelligence information that Assad is behind ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. Assad deceives everyone on this issue, including the Russians. He’s the one who gives them orders. Israel must be very concerned that our assessment is that once Assad is cornered and feels distressed, he will order ISIS to attack Israel. Continue Reading »

Russian officials in Jerusalem seeking closer ties with Israel on Syrian unrest


In a new strategy that may end Syrian unrest, senior Russian parliamentarians meet with the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee members in Jerusalem, seeking closer cooperation based on Israeli influence inside Syria.



Russia wants to increase cooperation with Israel regarding Syria, and would like Jerusalem to use any influence it has to get opposition groups there to lay down arms and enter negotiations, Konstantin Kosachev, a senior Russian parliamentarian, told The Jerusalem Post.

Viktor Ozerov – Photo (L): Profimedia and Konstantin Kosachev – Photo (R): Medija centar Beograd

Kosachev, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament, was in the country on Tuesday and Wednesday with Viktor Ozerov, the chairman of the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee, for meetings with the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Continue Reading »

Wall Street Journal: Israel secretly supplies Syrian rebel groups


The WSJ reports that Israel’s policy is to ensure that Iranian-allied militant groups operating in Syria, most notably Hezbollah, are kept away from Israeli territory, including the Golan Heights.

By i24NEWS


Israel has been supplying Syrian rebel groups in the Golan Heights with funding, medical supplies, food and hard cash in an effort to create a security buffer to protect the country’s border from the maelstrom of the Syrian civil war, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) set up a military unit that is specifically tasked with supporting certain independent rebel groups who are not currently backed by Western powers, the Journal reported, adding that Israel provides money which the groups use to pay fighters and buy weapons. Continue Reading »

ISIS affiliate groups gaining ground in Syrian Golan offensive


The latest offensive by an ISIS-allied group in the tri-border region of southwest Syria, Israel and Jordan has quickly captured 4 villages and is currently endangering the Syrian city of Daraa, whose southwest suburb is already under ISIS control.

BY Roi Kais


ISIS-affiliated groups opened a major offensive in the tri-nation border of Israel, Syria and Jordan, attacking various rebel factions and have managed to take control of four villages—Adwan, Saham al-Jawlan, Jalin and Tasil—in addition to the strategic southwestern suburb of Daraa, which is the capital of Hauran.

Israel-Syria-Jordan triborders – Google Maps

Areas change hands somewhat frequently, but a rapid victory on this scale has not been seen in some time. Continue Reading »

Jordanian Army’s Chief of Staff: ISIS unit in Syrian Golan have anti-aircraft missiles


In a BBC interview, head of the Jordanian army says ISIS unit in Syria’s Golan Heights, near the Jordanian border, may have possession of American anti-aircraft missiles.

By Chana Roberts


Jordanian Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mahmoud Freihat warned in an interview with BBC on Saturday that  fighters have anti-aircraft missiles.

In the interview, which was given in Arabic, Freihat referred specifically to the Syria-Jordan-Israel border, near the Golan Heights area.

Iron Dome anti-missile system – Israel Air Force

Photo credit – Israel Air Force

“This faction is a constant and close threat to Jordan. Some of the areas its fighters are in are a kilometer away from the border,” he said. Continue Reading »

Israeli Produced Food Aiding More Syrians to the Ire of Many


Not all Syrians are happy with the aid from the ‘Zionist Entity’ that’s been more evident of late, especially the food that’s been reaching families of Syrian rebels fighting in the southern Qunietra region on Israel’s Golan Heights border.

By Roi Kais


Israeli produced food is showing up on the frontlines in Syria, and has been causing a firestorm in Arabic media and social media.

The food has been showing up in Qunietra province which is on the border with the Israeli Golan Heights, specifically in areas controlled by rebel groups. While many of the rebel groups seem to be happy with this aid, there are others who are not too pleased with it, saying “it is a disgrace to be receiving food from the Zionist Entity which has stolen the Golan.” Continue Reading »

Dozens of Hezbollah killed/injured by Syrian forces over military strategy


Syrian media reports of heavy fighting early Thursday morning involving Hezbollah fighters against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in two villages of Aleppo’s southern suburbs.



The first signs of a rift between Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, which have been cooperating over the past five years in the Syrian civil war, reportedly began emerging amid heavy fighting against rebel factions in Aleppo.

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters march during a religious procession in Nabatieh. – Photo: REUTERS

According to the Syrian news site, Syrian Mirror, heavy clashes broke out between the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah fighters early Thursday morning in two villages in Aleppo’s southern suburbs. Continue Reading »

Former Syrian brigadier general looking for peace with Israel


Former Syrian brigadier general, Nabil al-Dandel, sends Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein a letter suggesting Israel open a dialogue with the Syrian people & support the opposition in its fight against Assad’s regime.

By Roi Kais


“I announce my defection from the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad,” declared Brigadier General Nabil al-Dandal and a number of other defecting officers after the brutal crackdown on the Syrian uprising in March 2011.

Former Syrian General Nabil al-Dandel

Al-Dandal sent an open letter to the Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein this week, calling on Israelis to open a dialogue to make peace with the Syrian people. Continue Reading »

Syrian Refugee Opens Website & Facebook Page to Thank Israel & the Jewish People


view videoSyrian refugee forms movement recognizing the disproportionate aid rendered by Israel and the Jewish people.

By Israel Today Staff


Thank You Am Israel” is the name of a new website dedicated to “acknowledging the numerous Jewish and Israeli individuals and organizations who have gone out of their way to provide aid, assistance and medical care to Syrian refugees since 2011.”

A Syrian patient being transported to Ziv Medical Center by the IDF – Photo: Ziv Medical Center

The site was created by Aboud Dandachi, a Syrian refugee currently living in Istanbul, who had this to say about the true nature of Israel:

“At a time when numerous countries in the Arab world and Europe have turned away those fleeing the conflict in Syria, Israeli and Jewish organizations and NGOs have, often at great risk to themselves, been at the forefront of efforts to provide assistance to Syrians. Continue Reading »

Syrian refugees thank Israel on dedicated website


view videoHaving been targeted by Hezbollah, Iranians & the Syria army, Aboud Dandachi, dedicate a website to stories of Israelis who help Syrian refugees & on his belief that Syrians have no reason to see Israelis as enemies.

By Roi Kais


Syrians will mark the fifth anniversary of their brutal civil war next month. Aboud Dandachi is one of millions whose lives have been completely overturned by the bloody conflict.

Dandashi in Homs, a decade ago

Speaking from Istanbul, the 39-year-old high-tech professional tells Ynet about his experiences during the Syrian crisis, and about one important lesson about the country he was always taught to hate and fear. Continue Reading »

WATCH: A Syrian Rebel Leader Says ‘Israel Can Assist Our People More’


view videoDr. Kamal al-Labwani, one of the most prominent members of the Syrian opposition movement, says Israel should accept a diplomatic role in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis.



The events that are unfolding in Syria today are premeditated and organized crimes against humanity perpetrated by regimes and countries that are competing between themselves over regional control and influence.

Israel must denounce and condemn the crimes against humanity that are taking place in Syria. This is especially true in light of the fact that the Jewish people were the victims of such crimes and are well aware of the importance of international cooperation and humanitarian aid in such situations. Continue Reading »

Lebanese newspaper: Syrian rebels armed by Israel



A top Syria expert told The Jerusalem Post that a report published on Thursday in a Lebanese newspaper close to Hezbollah claiming that Israel arms Syrian rebels was “really not serious.”

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Free Syrian Army: The fight is increasingly against Iran

Interview with Revolutionary Command Council spokesman in Quneitra & Golan, detailing FSA struggle near Israel’s border.


“The current military situation in the Quneitra area has resulted in the Syrian regime forces being cut off under blows from the opposition, and we are turning toward an active system of defense and attack instead of hunkering down,” Ayas Ghalib, director of the political bureau of the Revolutionary Command Council in Quneitra and Golan, told The Jerusalem Post in an email interview.

Smoke rises following an explosion on the Syrian side near the Quneitra border crossing between the Golan Heights and Syria, August 29, 2014.

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