Danish Parliament Names New ‘Decoration of Valor’ After Murdered Israeli


Danish Parliament honors Dan Uzan (ז”ל), who was murdered while blocking Muslim terrorist’s path, preventing the massacre of dozens of children celebrating a Bat Mitzvah in a Copenhagen synagogue.

By Itamar Eichner


Denmark’s Parliament instituted a new medal of civil valor named after Jewish-Israeli security guard Dan Uzan who stopped a terrorist from entering a synagogue in Copenhagen, preventing the massacre of dozens of children who were celebrating a Bat Mitzvah and paying with his life for it.

Dan Uzan

The medal also honors film director Finn Nørgaard who was murdered as he too blocked a terrorist with his body, trying to prevent him from entering the Cultural Center at Krudttønden a few hours earlier.

Danish parliament speaker Pia Kjærsgaard, who is expected arrive in Israel soon, announced the new decoration earlier this week.

According to the statement from the Danish parliament, the decoration is will be given to “citizens who demonstrated unusual courage, while risking their lives in an attempt to save the lives of others, and those who lost their lives during this attempt. It refers to incidents related to terrorism, crime and attacks on the open and democratic society of Denmark and the right to freedom.”

Several commemorative events were held in Denmark to mark the one-year anniversary of the terror attack, including a basketball game between SISU Copenhagen and the Hørsholm 79ers, which was Dan’s team.

In addition, a 3.5-kilometers march was held from the Jewish culture center to the synagogue, attended by ministers, the mayor, members of parliament and the ambassadors of France, the United States and Israel. Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen laid wreaths at the cultural center and synagogue.

The French Embassy also paid tribute to Dan Uzan.- Photo by Scanpix

In December, Dan Uzan was elected by an overwhelming majority to be Denmark’s Man of the Year by the readers of the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, considered one of the popular dailies in the country, and by a panel of judges.

Uzan was working security at the synagogue during Hannah Bentov’s Bat Mitzvah party. The synagogue was filled with family guests and with many children. An armed radical Islamic terrorist tried to break in, but was blocked by Uzan. The terrorist shot him and he died instantly, but was still able to prevent a massacre.


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