Denied parole: Imprisoned Israeli-Arab parliamentarian for aiding terrorists

Israel Prison Service Parole Board: Former Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas, who is serving a 2-year sentence for smuggling cellphones to incarcerated Palestinian security offenders, did not express any remorse for ‎his actions, which could have seriously affected Israel’s security.

By Gadi Golan


The Israel Prison Service Parole Board on Tuesday ‎‎denied an appeal for early release by former Joint Arab List MK ‎‎Basel Ghattas,‎ saying he has expressed no remorse for ‎‎his crimes. ‎

Ghattas is serving a two-year sentence for smuggling ‎cellphones and other materials to ‎Palestinian ‎security prisoners. He is serving his sentence ‎in ‎ Eshel Prison, near Beersheba.‎

Former Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas‎ – Screenshot

In April 2017, Ghattas pleaded guilty to charges of ‎smuggling contraband into prison, violating ‎Israel Prison Service directives, providing the ‎means to carry out acts of terror, and fraud and ‎breach of trust by a public official. ‎

He was also sentenced to 18 months’ probation and ‎ordered to pay a 120,000 shekel ($33,000) fine. ‎

In its decision to deny the appeal, the parole board ‎said Ghattas “did not express explicit remorse for ‎his actions, whose results could have had a serious ‎impact on state security.‎

Confiscated cellphones - Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

Confiscated cellphones – Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

‎”There are no grounds to order his early release ‎prior his agreeing to participate in a ‎rehabilitation program in prison.” ‎


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