Deputy Defense Minister Danon: There is No Building Freeze

Dep Defense Minister: The IDF’s Academies for Command & Staff will have thousands of IDF soldiers transferred to Mount Scopus.

By Gil Ronen


Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon spoke Thursday at the Moskowitz Prize ceremony and said that the IDF’s Academies for Command and Staff will be moved from Gelilot, just north of Tel Aviv, to Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus), in the course of this year.

“Thousands of soldiers will live here on this mountain,” he announced, “and they will live beside hundreds of Jewish families that are taking care to preserve the Jewish presence here.”

“Look at Maaleh Hazeitim,” he added. “Come here and see the families that live here. This is the true story of Zionism. That is why we are all here today, in order to do what is right without being ashamed and without thinking ‘what will the Gentiles say?’, or ‘what will others say.’ That is the true story of Zionism.”

“In recent days we have been hearing talk of a construction freeze,” he said. “There will be no construction freeze in the Land of Israel. Not in Jerusalem and not in Judea and Samaria. We proved in the past that freezing construction does not advance peace, and therefore we will continue to build throughout the Land of Israel.”

Dep. Min. Danon also said that if hareidim are being recruited into the military, “there is no reason in the world” why Arabs cannot also be recruited to serve in fire brigades, hospitals, Civilian Guard and other civilian services.


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