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White House: “Demands for settlement freeze have not helped advance peace talks.”

Although, PM Netanyahu is under pressure from the Trump administration to constrain settlement activity, Israeli officials say the government intends to advance 3,736 new homes, as a White House official related, “The administration recognizes that past demands for a settlement freeze have not helped advance peace talks.”



Demands to freeze settlement activity have not helped the peace process, a White House official said on Tuesday, in response to reports that Israel could advance plans for thousands of new settler homes next week.

Building Jewish homes in jerusalem – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“President Trump has publicly and privately expressed his concerns regarding settlements, and the administration has made clear that unrestrained settlement activity does not advance the prospect for peace,” a White House official told The Jerusalem Post. Continue Reading »

PA’s Erekat: Israel Must Choose – Peace or ‘Settlements’

Chief negotiator for the PA again blames Israel for the lack of progress in peace talks, says negotiations don’t need to be extended.

By Elad Benari


The chief Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiator, Saeb Erekat, on Monday once again blamed Israel for the lack of progress in peace talks, saying that the Israelis must choose between “settlements” and peace.

Speaking with reporters following PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, Erekat accused Israel of having built more than 10,000 homes in Judea and Samaria since the negotiations began last July.

“Is this progress?” Erekat said, according to The Associated Press (AP). Continue Reading »

Kerry’s plan for restarting talks: prisoner release & settlement freeze


U.S. Sec of St John Kerry’s plan to restart peace talks: Israel will release 103 Palestinian terrorists from prison, freeze home construction outside major towns & a $4B transfer to the Palestinian leaders by the U.S.

The Palestinians are still not satisfied.

By Elor Levy

US Secretary of State John Kerry‘s plan to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians calls for the release of some 103 Palestinian prisoners serving time in Israeli prisons from a time prior to the signing Oslo accords, London-based Al Hayat reported, citing Western diplomatic sources.

אבו מאזן וקרי ברמאללה (צילום: רויטרס)

Kerry, Abbas – Photo: Reuters

According to a Palestinian source, the difference of opinions between the two sides remain large, as the Palestinians demand the release of all 103 together and a complete halt in settlement constriction. Continue Reading »

After years of bureaucracy Itamar will grow by 538 new homes


Plans for Itamar settlement to be expanded by 538 housing units. The decision was made 2 years ago, following the Fogel family murder.

Housing Ministry statistics show that no new housing has been put up for sale in east Jerusalem since the beginning of the year.

By Efrat Forsher



Shortly before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry returns to the Middle East in an attempt to renew negotiations, Israel’s planning bodies continue to move ahead with plans to expand the Itamar settlement by 538 housing units.

The entrance to the Itamar community in Judea and Samaria – Photo Oren Nachson

The entrance to the Itamar community in Judea and Samaria – Photo: Oren Nachson

Objections to the plan, which would increase the size of the settlement by a factor of five, are being heard this week.

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US & PA condemn Israeli plans for building 296 homes in Beit El

Palestinian Authority says continued building of Jewish homes could sabotage US efforts to revive peace process.



The Palestinian Authority and the US on Thursday condemned Israel’s decision to advance plans to build 296 homes in the West Bank Beit El settlement, warning that it could sabotage American efforts to revive the frozen peace talks.

Ulpana outpost near Beit El

Ulpana outpost near Beit El – Photo: REUTERS/Nir Elias

“We see this decision as a message to the US Administration and a blow to the peace process,” said PA presidency spokesman Nabil Abu Rdaineh.

“The Israeli government is aiming at dragging the area toward violence instead of peace and stability by approving such plans.

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Deputy Defense Minister Danon: There is No Building Freeze

Dep Defense Minister: The IDF’s Academies for Command & Staff will have thousands of IDF soldiers transferred to Mount Scopus.

By Gil Ronen


Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon spoke Thursday at the Moskowitz Prize ceremony and said that the IDF’s Academies for Command and Staff will be moved from Gelilot, just north of Tel Aviv, to Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus), in the course of this year.

“Thousands of soldiers will live here on this mountain,” he announced, “and they will live beside hundreds of Jewish families that are taking care to preserve the Jewish presence here.”

“Look at Maaleh Hazeitim,” he added. Continue Reading »

Unnamed gov’t source: Israel’s planning to freeze settlement construction

Officials in Jerusalem suggest that while there won’t be a de jure freeze, expansion outside of major settlement towns will be halted.

‘It’ll take a while, but eventually talks will resume’ 

By Attila Somfalvi


US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to the Mid-East may have ended without any obvious results, but official sources involved in the preliminary talks said Thursday night that “eventually the negotiations will resume. Israel is expected to quietly freeze construction outside of the major settlement blocs in order to resume bilateral talks.”

Settlement construction - Photo Ynet Archives

Settlement construction – Photo Ynet Archives

A few days ago Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu present a permanent agreement border outline. Continue Reading »

Lieberman says Yisrael Beiteinu will oppose any settlement freeze

Prior to Obama’s visit, Yisrael Beiteinu chairmain says Israel-Palestinian conflict can’t be solved and stressed that his party will oppose any type of construction freeze.

By Moran Azulay


Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman said he does not believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved and rejected any possible freeze in settlement construction.

“After seeing no result following the 10-month freeze I said I would oppose any freeze inside or outside the (major settlement) blocs,” Lieberman said. “We are willing to make gestures but they cannot be one-sided. Yisrael Beiteinu will fiercely oppose any attempt to resume the freeze.”

Lieberman acknowledged that this stance will inevitably create frictions within the coalition. Continue Reading »