Don’t say Israel can’t do it



The IDF has proved time & again, it can do the impossible; it can also do the unthinkable. Ultimately, Israel can’t trust anyone but itself.

Any deal, bad or somewhat bad, that’s ushered in by the White House won’t change one thing: The only one way to avoid a nuclear Iran, is to attack it.

By Amos Regev


A deal with Iran, be it bad or just somewhat bad, cannot change the fact that the only way to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is to attack it — as a last resort.

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  1. Bruce Fishman says:

    You infer that Israel has the capacity to launch a sole strike on Iran without US help.On 5th October 1973 the Egyptions crossed the Suez canal and surged forwards into the Sinai peninsula.At the moment the US sent ton after ton of arms,bombs shells you name it to Israel some so promtply that they still had US Army written on them.Without that help Sinai would have been lost and the loss of life which was just astounding would have leaped.Now you say that Israel can acomplish an attack without US help at a more modern time when tactics are much more advanced in war.And what if they do put Iran back 5 years?Are they going to strike every 5 years using the same suprise attacks?I doubt it.The truth is I dont really know whats going to happen.I just hope not too many people will sufer as a result of this crisis.I must state that a nuclear Iran is not an option.I just think its naive to think that an “ozirak”type attack would be possible 32 years later with the technology that Iran possesses.Very worrying.Thanks.

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