Egyptian Christian & Pakistani Muslim both agree anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism

During their visit to Israel, both, UK-born ‘Muslim Zionist’ and an Arab Christian condemn anti-Zionism as nothing more than an accuse for classic Jew-hatred

By Israel Today Staff


In a must-watch interview with Arutz Sheva TV, a British-born Pakistani Muslim and an Egyptian Christian pastor explain how Israel’s Islamic enemies have turned anti-Zionism into a convenient cover for what is really anti-Semitism.

Kasim Hafeez - Screenshot

Kasim Hafeez – Screenshot

The two men, who were visiting Israel last week, note that while openly advocating the murder of Jews is no longer en vogue, denying Israel the right to defend itself (which is essentially the same thing) has become internationally acceptable.

One of the men, Kasim Hafeez, also takes aim at the ridiculous accusations that are slung at Israel every day.

All one has to do is visit Israel and “you’ll see how laughable the apartheid slur is,” says Hafeez.

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