Egyptian Security foiled car bombing on Gaza border

Egyptian intelligence report that they were able to thwart terror attack at Rafah border crossing.

Explosives, RPG, and grenades were found at scene

By Elior Levy, AP


A senior Egyptian intelligence official in northern Sinai said Monday the the military foiled an attempted car bombing near a church and a military camp along the Egypt-Gaza border.

Egyptian security forces in Sinai – Photo: AFP

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Egyptian intelligence received word that militants were preparing a car bomb attack meant to target a military base in a deserted part of Rafah, which borders Gaza.

The attack was supposed to be in retaliation for the Egyptian military’s announcement that it will increase its counter-terrorism efforts.

The army moved in on the militants late Sunday, following intelligence indicating that two car bombs have been stationed to explode.

The military raided the gunmen’s hideout, arresting some, but others managed to flee; leaving behind one car packed with explosives, bullet casings, and a rocket-propelled grenade.

Last week, Arab media outlets reported that Egyptian security forces were able to intercept a missile smuggling attempt through the Refah tunnels.

According to the reports, six anti-tank missiles were seized en route to Gaza Strip. The missile were apparently US-made.


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