‘Equality of Burden’ law has resulted in only 1 haredi enlisting so far



Of the 2,996 ultra-Orthodox youths, between 22-28 yrs-old, that were summoned to the IDF’s induction center, only 1,126 (38%) show up & only 1 enlisted.

MK Moti Yogev reported, “The atmosphere in the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) street as a result of the law has become anti-enlistment.”

Gideon Allon


Only one haredi between the ages 22-28 has enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces since the Equality of Burden Law was passed three months ago, according to an IDF Manpower Directorate report that was presented on Tuesday.

A haredi man at an IDF induction center [Illustrative] – Photo: Gideon Markowitz

Haredim between the ages 22-28 are exempt from military service, but are offered to serve in the IDF or civil service. Of the 2,996 young haredim summoned to the IDF’s induction center, 1,126 (38 percent) showed up and only one decided to enlist. Some 15 opted for civil service, while 20 are still deliberating. The other 1,090 received a full exemption.

Among the younger 18-22 age group, 3,357 were summoned to the IDF induction center. Only 40 percent actually showed up.

The IDF presented its report to the committee tasked with following up on the Equality of Burden Law, headed by Habayit Hayehudi MK Ayelet Shaked.

Shaked called for holding discussions on possible future amendments to the law, and visiting the IDF induction center and haredi employment centers to see up close how those bodies function in light of the new law.

“These are the fruits of a compulsive legislation by those in the Knesset who thought this is the way to increase haredi enlistment,” Habayit Hayehudi MK Moti Yogev said. “In reality the atmosphere in the haredi street as a result of the law has become anti-enlistment.”


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