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Impressive Rise in Ultra-Orthodox Entering the IDF

Despite prior protests and peer opposition, the ultra-Orthodox sector is responding favorably to the new ‘equal burden’ law by joining IDF & work force in greater numbers.

By Yossi Aloni


Despite ultra-Orthodox protests, there has been a dramatic increase of 39 percent in the number of new Israeli army recruits coming from the Haredi sector this year.

That impressive figure was presented by the Israeli army at a meeting of the ministerial committee established to monitor implementation of the new “equal burden” law passed amid growing frustration among secular Israelis that the Orthodox community was not pulling its weight.

The law initially set the ambitious goal of 2,000 ultra-Orthodox recruits in its first year.

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Ultra-Orthodox army conscripts jump by 39% surprising everyone

Number defies initial expectations: With over 1,900 haredi men drafted this year & 863 of them taking combat roles, Science & Technology Minister Yaakov Peri says: ‘This proves the new draft law has paved the way toward a social & legislative revolution.’

By Mati Tuchfeld


The number of ultra-Orthodox Israeli men being drafted into the army has risen by 39 percent since the Knesset passed the Equal Sharing of the Burden Bill in March, according to a report presented to the cabinet on Sunday by the ministerial committee, headed by Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Peri, appointed to oversee the implementation of the law.
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‘Equality of Burden’ law has resulted in only 1 haredi enlisting so far



Of the 2,996 ultra-Orthodox youths, between 22-28 yrs-old, that were summoned to the IDF’s induction center, only 1,126 (38%) show up & only 1 enlisted.

MK Moti Yogev reported, “The atmosphere in the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) street as a result of the law has become anti-enlistment.”

Gideon Allon


Only one haredi between the ages 22-28 has enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces since the Equality of Burden Law was passed three months ago, according to an IDF Manpower Directorate report that was presented on Tuesday.

A haredi man at an IDF induction center [Illustrative] – Photo: Gideon Markowitz

Haredim between the ages 22-28 are exempt from military service, but are offered to serve in the IDF or civil service.

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IDF: Reserves Soldiers Inducted as Iron Dome Deploys in South


The IDF moves up a notch to rescue the 3 kidnapped young Israelis in West Bank by calling up reserves and preparing anti-rocket batteries in southern Israel. 


The IDF has called up a limited number of reserves as the military operation to rescue three kidnapped Israelis in the West Bank continues to grow. The call up is small in scope at this stage.
Iron Dome

Iron Dome – Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Also on Sunday, the air force deployed a number of Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries in southern Israel.

The IDF arrested 80 Hamas members – including members of the Palestinian Legislative Council – in a massive wave of raids throughout the West Bank early on Sunday, as part of Israel’s response to the kidnapping of three Israeli youths on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Decline in ultra-Orthodox IDF recruitment result of Haredi Draft Law



An IDF source reports a sharp decline in Haredi enlistment to the Nahal Brigade stemming from the hostile ultra-Orthodox protests to Israel’s new Draft Law.

By Yossi Yehushua


Sources in the IDF expressed concern over an apparent loss of motivation for enlistment into the military’s religious brigade, Nahal. The officials noted a sharp decline in the number of haredim recruited in recent draft rounds.

Nachal Haredi  (which is a special unit for Haredis) made up mostly from Haredi yeshiva students from abroad who come to Israel to join the IDF. - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit

‘Nachal Haredi’ (which is a special unit for Haredis) made up mostly from Haredi yeshiva students including those from abroad who come to Israel to join the IDF. – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

“If 2013 marked a certain ease regarding the Haredi soldiers, then 2014’s public dispute about the Draft Law took us back by at least a year,” said the Nahal Haredi Organization. Continue Reading »

Israel’s President tells Lapid: ‘Go Easy’ on Hareidi Draftees

Israel’s President Peres asked Finance Minister Lapid to reconsider criminalizing draft-dodging by the ultra-Orthodox. – The Finance Minister respectfully declined.

By David Lev


President Shimon Peres met on Monday morning with Finance Minister Yair Lapid to discuss the latter’s thoughts about the impending vote in the Knesset on the the enlistment bill, which will see hareidi yeshiva students become eligible for the draft for the first time in Israel’s history. In the meeting, Peres expressed his concern for the hareidi community’s feelings on the matter telling Lapid that he should go “a bit easier” on them.

Peres and Lapid meet Monday morning – Mark Neiman/GPO

According to Peres, many members of the community have complained to him about what they perceive as a negative attitude towards them and their lifestyle on Lapid’s part. Continue Reading »

Orthodox Jews Threaten to Leave Israel if Forced into IDF Service

Gov’t expected to compromise to avoid being portrayed as jailing Jews for continued study of Torah.

American senators promised to obtain refugee status for every Haredi family.

By Tsvi Sadan


Equal burden means that every Israeli citizen must serve in the IDF. In practice, however, 67 percent of the Jewish community and just 50 percent of all Israelis perform national service. To put it negatively, 50 percent of young Israelis are exempt from this burden, while the other half of society has to carry the extra weight.

Orthodox Jews Threaten to Quit Israel Over IDF Draft

Orthodox Jew anguishes at the thought of IDF service – Photo source Israel Today

Those who are exempt are primarily Arab Israelis – both Muslims and Christians, religious Jewish women, Orthodox yeshiva students, and other Jewish young men and women who can’t serve in the army for physical or psychological reasons. Continue Reading »