EU Ignores all other global disputed occupations to single out Jewish goods


European Jewish Congress says the EU’s singling out of Israel for labeling only Jewish goods, is highly provocative since it ignores Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus while it profits from them.



The European Jewish Congress said Wednesday that the newly-approved European Union labeling regime for products made by Israelis over the Green Line “may in fact contravene international treaties and agreements like the World Trade Organization.”

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EJC President Moshe Kantor said that the guidelines were unprecedented and yet another example of Israel being singled out for special treatment.

“After studying the issue deeply we have concluded that there are no comparable guidelines for any other territorial dispute or what are perceived as occupations anywhere else in the world,” Kantor said. “In fact, in many other disputes the EU actually supports or profits from an internationally designated occupation, so there is certainly a very strong element of double-standards applied to the Jewish State.”

Kantor said that the EU has failed to respond to queries as to why Israel is singled out “even though we see it signing agreements to profit from and contributing to Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara and Turkey’s occupation of Northern Cyprus.”


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