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Airbnb to be investigated by US Senate author of ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’

With over half of US states having passed anti-BDS legislation, an author of the ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ in the Senate, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio (Rep), wants to hear from Airbnb.



WASHINGTON – Airbnb’s move this week to delist properties located in Jewish settlements in the West Bank from its website prompted enough of an outcry in Israel to be heard in Washington, where key lawmakers are expressing concern and raising the prospect of legal action against the service giant.

The decision by Airbnb, an online marketplace for property rentals, sparked furor from Israeli officials this week. Continue Reading »

Airbnb capitulates to BDS pressure, removes only Jewish homes from West Bank

Israel’s former Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, “Airbnb blacklists Jewish apartments in Judea & Samaria – not Palestinian apartments, not apartments in Turkish occupied Cyprus, not in Moroccan occupied Sahara, not in Tibet or the Crimea. – Airbnb’s policy is the very definition of antisemitism. No one should use its services.”



Airbnb agreed to boycott West Bank settlements and announced plans Monday to remove settler listings from its popular website of temporary rentals in 191 countries.

“Another BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] win!” multiple pro-Palestinian groups jubilantly claimed on social media.

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Ireland advances bill criminalizing trade with Israeli settlements, E. Jerusalem

Ireland advances ‘The Occupied Territories Bill’ criminalizing trade with only the Jewish settlements in the disputed West Bank, with punishment of up to five years’ imprisonment or a fine of €250,000.

By i24NEWS


The Irish senate advanced in a second reading a bill that would make it a criminal offense to import or sell goods from various occupied territories, including Israeli settlements, punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment or a fine of €250,000.

The bill was passed in the senate by a vote of 25 to 20, but still needs to be approved by the House of Representatives before it becomes law. Continue Reading »

Norway: Boycotting Israel is legal

Although Norway’s deputy foreign minister signed a document asserting boycotting Israel as inappropriate, the country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry proclaimed boycotting goods coming from Israeli settlements was legal.

By Itamar Eichner


Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry determined that boycotting products and services coming from Israeli settlements is legal and does not contradict Norway’s international trade commitments.

Nevertheless, the assertion was said to be inappropriate, according to an internal document signed by Norway’s deputy foreign affairs minister published during the weekend.

“The government does not consider boycotting Israel’s product to be helpful in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the document said.

The document was sent as response to Tromsø district’s governor’s request to be updated about the juridical examination launched by Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in 2016. Continue Reading »

UNHRC to become BDS’ greatest champion

As well as some 50 int’l companies, approximately 100 Israeli companies operating in the West Bank and east Jerusalem received a formal warning they will appear on the UNHRC blacklist.
Israel’s UN envoy, Danny Danon said the UN Human Rights Council will become ‘the world’s biggest promoter of BDS.’

By The Associated Press


Weeks ahead of the expected completion of a UN database of companies that operate in Israel’s West Bank settlements, Israel and the Trump Administration are working feverishly to prevent its publication.

While Israel is usually quick to brush off UN criticism, officials say they are taking the so-called “blacklist” seriously, fearing its publication could have devastating consequences by driving companies away, deterring others from coming and prompting investors to dump shares of Israeli firms. Continue Reading »

Having lost FIFA verdict, Palestinian charges Football Association in Swiss Court

Preferring not to intervene in Palestinian drama, FIFA dropped age-old Palestinian Football Association complaints on political grounds, so now PFA charges FIFA at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


A Palestinian challenge over the way FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, handled its complaints against the Israeli Football Association will be heard at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, this month.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino – Photo: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar/Wikimedia

The court said its panel will hear the Palestine Football Association’s appeal on Nov. 27. A verdict is expected weeks later. Continue Reading »

FIFA rejects Palestinian petition to sanction Israel over ‘settlement clubs’

FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced the int’l soccer federation will not ban the 6 Israeli teams from Judea & Samaria, as the Palestine Football Association demanded.
 – FIFA statement regarding the Palestinian suit, “The matter is declared closed and will not be the subject of any further discussion.” 

By Elad Benari


FIFA, the governing body of global soccer, will not intervene in the impasse between the Israeli and Palestinian Arab football authorities and considers the matter closed, its president Gianni Infantino said on Friday, according to Reuters.

The Palestine Football Association (PFA) which is headed by Jibril Rajoub, along with groups such as Human Rights Watch, has long attempted to force FIFA ban six Israeli teams in Judea and Samaria, claiming that their presence there is in breach of FIFA statutes, which forbids another member association playing on another territory without permission. Continue Reading »

UNHRC sends threatening letter to companies that service West Bank Jewish towns

The UN Human Rights Council has been caught blackmailing Bezeq, an Israeli telecommunications company, for servicing the entire Jewish State in the letter included below.



The United Nations Human Rights Council has been pressuring Israeli telecommunications giant Bezeq to cut off its services to settlements, saying that the company is promoting the illegal communities and their expansion, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Letter to Bezeq was signed by Mohammed Ali Alnsour – Twitter

Bezeq currently provides the same services to Israeli cities and towns within the Green Line and to the settlements beyond it. By pressuring the company to suspend services to Israel’s West Bank settlements, the UNHRC has been accused of “blackmail” and of participating in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement that many Israelis see as antisemitic. Continue Reading »

In Israel: Amnesty International to face sanctions under provisions of anti-boycott law

After Amnesty International launched its campaign calling on the world to “ban Israeli settlement goods” over alleged war crimes, Israel’s Finance Minister is poised to enact an anti-boycott law for first time, meaning Amnesty could lose tax status and other legal consequences under the law.

By Yair Altman


Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has decided to use his authority under a 2011 anti-boycott law to punish Amnesty International, making it the first organization to face legal consequences under the provisions of the law.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. – Photo: Wikimedia\dikla bassist shafrir

The anti-boycott law, officially known as the Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott Law, allows the finance minister to impose civil sanctions on entities that promote or take part in an economic, cultural or academic boycott against an institution or person under Israeli control because of their “affiliation with Israel.” The minister may deny certain tax benefits from such an organization regardless of whether it takes an active role or simply pledges to take part in such activity. Continue Reading »

UPDATED: Liquor Board of Ontario boycotts Judea and Samaria wines


Canadian retailers are told by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, not to import Psagot, Shilo wineries’ spirits, or any wine made from grapes grown, processed and blended in Judea and Samaria that are labeled as “Made in Israel” as it “misleads” consumers.

Efrat Forsher and Israel Hayom Staff


A major Canadian agency announced Thursday that it would no longer allow retailers to import wine made in Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria.

According to the Jewish Press, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario cited the position of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency stating that wine made from grapes grown, fermented, processed and blended in Judea and Samaria may no longer be labeled as “Made in Israel,” over concerns it “misleads” consumers. Continue Reading »

US embassy in Tel Aviv: Caught between a bottle of wine and a hard place


Although some US states have recently passed legislation against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, the US embassy had this to say after being made aware their holiday baskets had a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Zion Winery in Mishor Adumim: “We would not have included the wine had we known that it was from the settlements.”



Following its expressed regret Monday for putting wine from over the Green Line into gift baskets it sent out for the holiday, the US Embassy was noncommittal Tuesday when asked whether it has a policy of not purchasing products from east Jerusalem, the West Bank or the Golan Heights. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Brussels Airlines returns Israeli snack to menu after public protests


After thousands took to social media to expressed their outrage over the carrier’s capitulation to BDS pressure to remove the Achva halva snack, the Belgian Airline’s CEO pledged to keep Israeli products on its menus.

By Ilan Gattegno


Brussels Airlines announced Monday that it will reintroduce a popular Israeli snack to its menu. The item was removed from the Belgian carrier’s in-flight dessert options in July following pressure by a Palestinian group associated with the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Brussels Airlines no longer boycotting Israeli made halva

The airline had allegedly decided to take the Achva brand halva, an Israeli sesame snack, produced in a factory located in the Barkan Industrial Park in Judea and Samaria, off its menu following pressure from the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a group that often encourages the boycott of Israeli products. Continue Reading »

US to disregard UNHRC resolution to blacklist companies working with settlements


US State Department spokesman John Kirby said the US is opposed to the resolution on West Bank settlements the UNHRC approved last week in Geneva under the highly anti-Israel Agenda Item 7.



The United States does not intend to provide the United Nations Human Rights Council with information for its new blacklist of companies doing business with West Bank settlements, US State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters in Washington on Wednesday.

The United Nations headquarters. – Photo: REUTERS

The Obama administration, he said, is opposed to the resolution on West Bank settlements the UNHRC approved last week in Geneva, as it wrapped up its 31st session. Continue Reading »

U.S. State Dept. condemns the UNHRC for seeking to ‘blacklist’ Israeli companies


Once again the U.S. exposes the UNHRC, calling it biased against Israel, and condemns their resolution calling for a blacklist of businesses operating in Judea and Samaria.

By Ben Ariel


The United States on Wednesday condemned last week’s United Nations Human Rights Council resolution that calls for setting up a blacklist of businesses operating in Judea and Samaria.

UN Human Rights Council – Photo: Reuters

Speaking to reporters at his daily briefing and quoted by Reuters, State Department spokesman John Kirby criticized the motion.

“We continue to unequivocally oppose the very existence of that agenda item and therefore any resolutions … that come from it,” he said, accusing the body of “bias against Israel.”

Kirby repeated the U.S. Continue Reading »

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu calls the UN, an “anti-Israeli circus”


view videoIsrael’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reacts to the UN, following their decision to create a ‘blacklist’ of businesses working in Judea & Samaria, by acknowledging the UN’s obsessive bias against the only Jewish State.

By Shoshana Miskin


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned Thursday the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) over their decision to compile a “blacklist” of Israeli and international companies that conduct business in Judea and Samaria, the Biblical heartland of Israel.

”The UNHRC has become an anti-Israeli circus with their attacks on the only democracy in the Middle East and their disregard for the gross violations in Iran, Syria and North Korea,” said Netanyahu.
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