EU official warns Israel: President Trump won’t be around forever

After rebuking Europeans over their acceptance of Hamas’ narrative of Gaza border riots, Europe’s defense of Iran’s nuclear deal, and their rejection of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, one EU official warns Israel to tread carefully, since Trump won’t always be President to protect it.

By Israel Today Staff


For once, the zeal of Washington’s support for Israel seems to match that of the American people. And the Jewish state is basking in the nearly-unquestioned backing of its policies, concerns and claims. So much so that Jerusalem has of late taken a somewhat more aggressive stance toward less cooperate allies.

According to a senior European Union official cited by Hadashot TV, Israel’s making a big mistake in that regard.

With President Trump at Kotel wearing a kippa, a message was sent as to the site’s Jewishness – White House/YouTube

Israeli government officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have openly lashed out at the EU over its seeming acceptance of the Hamas narrative regarding what’s happening on the Gaza border, its refusal to accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and its defense of the Iran nuclear deal.

Given that US President Donald Trump has publicly and firmly backed the Israeli position on all these fronts, Netanyahu and his ministers feel comfortable sticking it to Europe in tones they might not otherwise use.

But, warned the EU source, “Trump won’t be president forever,” and once he leaves the White House, Israel might find itself in a far less enviable position.

“Just like nobody imagined that the Obama legacy would be erased so quickly, it can happen to the other side,” said the official. “You shouldn’t disparage Europe. Look at the numbers: We are still your biggest trade partners. You don’t understand that we are under immense public pressure against Israel.”


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