European gov’ts & UN agencies gave $13m to anti-Israel groups helping illegal migrants

A nationalistic group reports that between 2012-2017, European governments and UN agencies funneled about $13 million to assorted left-wing Israeli groups helping illegal migrants.
• The left-wing, New Israel Fund: Figures ‘distorted.’

By Yair Altman


Between 2012 and 2017, European governments and U.N. agencies gave a total of $13 million in aid to Israeli organizations helping illegal aliens, a new report by the right-wing organization Im Tirtzu revealed Sunday.

Since the Egyptian-Israel border fence was extended in height from 5m to 8m high, illegal migrants have no longer entered Israel. – Photo: Israel Defense Ministry.

As Europe deals with the worst wave of immigration ever known to the continent, EU-affiliated institutes rank first with the most aid given to these organizations, which over the past four years came to $4.7 million, followed by U.N.-affiliated institutions, which donated $2.8 million, the report said.


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Germany donated the largest sum for a European country with $1.9 million, followed by Norway ($1.3 million), Sweden ($600,000), Switzerland ($490,000), England ($260,000) and the Netherlands ($120,000).

Foundations whose affiliation is split between Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands donated $580,000, while the U.S. gave $180,000 and Thailand donated $26,000. As such, the report reveals that since 2008, the left-wing New Israel Fund also funded organizations supporting illegal migrants to the tune of $12.5 million.

Im Tirtzu’s reports investigated various petitions filed with the High Court of Justice by the Israeli aid groups, discovering clear efforts to circumvent the various solutions suggested by authorities, thereby hurting both the population of migrants who are in Israel illegally as well as residents of the neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv, who are struggling to deal with the phenomenon.

“It seems that donor countries and organizations have three hidden goals,” the Im Tirtzu report claimed. “First, attempting to obtain citizenship for thousands of infiltrators; second, changing the Jewish-majority demographic, therefore changing the Jewish and democratic character of the country; and third, striving to label Israel as a racist country.”

Im Tirtzu chairman Matan Peleg decried what he called the fact that the rights of the residents of south Tel Aviv were being “trampled upon again and again by those claiming to stand for human rights. The infiltrator aid groups, which are funded by the U.N., foreign governments and the New Israel Fund, do everything in their power to secure citizenship for the infiltrators who took over the neighborhoods and turned the lives of the residents into a perpetual nightmare.

“It’s sad to see how the High Court of Justice goes from bad to worse and collaborates [with the aid groups] instead of being concerned with the safety of the residents themselves. … It seems the High Court is at the service of the infiltrators and not at the service of Israeli citizens.”

Peleg further urged the government “to work to halt the High Court’s exaggerated involvement, unconditionally expel tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators from the country and stymie the power of the infiltrator aid groups, which for all intents and purposes are … trying to destroy Israel from within.”

The New Israel Fund issued a statement in response, saying that “the Im Tirtzu report is the definition of fake news. This ‘report’ is based on distortions and irrelevant links between organizations that have nothing to do with this field in an attempt to augment the support received by organizations helping refugees. This is meant to serve the prime minister’s campaign of incitement. As the Jewish people we have the moral obligation to protect refugees of war, without discriminating between skin color, race or religion. We can never allow for what was done to us over the course of history to be inflicted on someone else.”


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